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Michael Moore's Bodyguard and his illegal carry

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Mikey "The Corpulent One" Moore's bodyguard nabbed for illegal CCW in NY

Oh the hypocrisy is delicious, and textbook for the liberal left. Guns are bad, unless they're protecting his fat body. Guns are ineffective as tools of self-defense, except in the hands of HIS defenders. Guns have no place as self-defense for hard-working families, and instead should only be tools for those who are affluent enough to be able to afford bodyguards. And lastly, those who wish to carry a gun for self-defense are victims of a "culture of fear", but those who are compelled to hire a BODYGUARD are reasonable and prudent.

Hey, how many here can afford to hire a bodyguard??

The world would be a MUCH better place sans Michael Moore.

NEW YORK — Filmmaker Michael Moore's (search) bodyguard was arrested for carrying an unlicensed weapon in New York's JFK airport Wednesday night.

Police took Patrick Burke, who says Moore employs him, into custody after he declared he was carrying a firearm at a ticket counter. Burke is licensed to carry a firearm in Florida and California, but not in New York. Burke was taken to Queens central booking and could potentially be charged with a felony for the incident.

Moore's 2003 Oscar-winning film "Bowling for Columbine" criticizes what Moore calls America's "culture of fear" and its obsession with guns.,2933,144921,00.html
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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