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Microtech H.A.L.O III YAY OR NAY?

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Im looking for a good knife and this one intrest me greatly. Im just curious if its any good seeing how the price tag is pretty high.

Dont want to waste my money. Also whats a pretty good knife store online where I can get one?

Id be using this for carry.:biggrin2:
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EBAy has some good deals. I just got a S&W HRT neck knife fore 18.00 +5.00 for shipping. Looks like a beautiful knife.
I saw a thread a couple of days ago, sry dont remember which one, but someone suggested that you go to a store that sells several knifes, ask to handle many of them. See how they fit, how easy you and open them, how comfortable it would be to carry it. Thats what I would do.
Big bucks for them MT's. Not sure what the advantage to carring one would be. For 1-200 $'s you can pick up a fine streight/double. You can (with your CWP) carry those in Flah-Dah also. I do not own a MT an am not an authority as to how they are built,warrenty,etc. I have had a chance to go up against a couple of guys that carried them though. (In our training class)

For a MT guy,it's all in how you carry them. If they are deep down in your pocket they are just like any other "big hole" or "waved" folder. If carried in the belt rig,you still gotta draw them.Remember as with any other folder,you still have to orient it in your hand prior to hitting the button/switch. In my training class,I proved that I could open my Spyderco Police just as fast as the "BG" could open his MicroTech. With the MT in his pocket,I could produce my Gerber(streight) faster than he could "show me" his MT.

The auto knives don't do very much for you when carried improperly.
Again,I am no authority on the auto's. Just a small ammount of expierance. But for the $400(<>)that you will spend, if it were me,I'd look real hard at my options. ---------
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As long as you're legal to carry it, the HALO, or the DA Terzuola or older Lightfoot LCCs are the best around. There is no comparison with any other production, and the HALO series. I just sold my pair(IIIs), but that was because I had no long-gun, other than a bolt .308.

Simple, no sear to wear; extremely solid lock up; one spring, one botton to fire- KISS. You should plan on about $300-375, depending on whether you get NIB from a dealer, or pre-owned. I would suggest checking in the sale board- the guys there are all pretty decent. in the person of Robert Bartoli ("bart-1", "bartone" on several forums, including the Seecamp forum and USN), has about the best dealer prices out there, and if you buy a couple, he may cut you a bit more of a deal.

STAY AWAY FROM Ebay!!!! Autos are personas-non-grata with them, and fraud is, if not encouraged, then tacitly accepted by them, in auto-knife transactions. Some poor bastich with more money than information just paid $161 for a HALO III knock-off, last week. If you don't know, these knock-offs are $5 wholesale, $20 retail jobbers- not even good throw-downs travelling 3rd world.

A good OTF is in a league of its own, offering the rigidity of a fixed blade, with very low-profile and ease of carry. Personally, I think MT should quit concentrating so much on the pretties-for-collectors, and have a good 715 or so grade stainless chassis for their OTF, SA line, in the $375-450 range, for hard use. Obviously, a SS chassis would stand being used as a pocket-stick, and a full lifetime of firings, in all conditions, better than even the best 7075/6061 aluminum. But. I don't make Tony's marketing decisions, obviously.:danceban:
Mass production of a SS HALO II/III series would enable them to drop the price, sell like Wonka Chocolate to LE/Mil buyers, kill the knock-offs with a better quality/cost ratio, and have a better base to challenge state laws on sale/transport of autos with their quality and client base. But, again, who am I to say......:biggrin2:

Speaking of Bastiches, you're a lucky one, in FL! :biggrin2: Any MT moving sales going on?
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Try New Graham Knives They have alot of choices at decent prices

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