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Middle finger trigger squeeze for pocket pistol?

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OK so I found this Kahr 380 in a hock shop real cheap. Not a bad gun, a little hard to handle but I think I've found an unorthodox way to shoot it that gives me a more stable grip:

Index finger on the frame right under the slide, middle finger operating the trigger (and on the front of the trigger guard before I'm ready to shoot), fourth and fifth fingers wrapped around the grip. It fits perfectly in my hand this way.

Is there any disadvantage to shooting this way?
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"You'll shoot your eye out, kid".

If it works for you then it should be fine.
Never tried it and not familiar enough with that Kahr model to know how much frame is there to lay the index finger along side. Will be interesting to see some insightful replies.

I'd be concerned with the measure of control the forth and fifth fingers can provide along with the possibility of the index finger inadvertently impeding the slide while shooting in an emergency situation, tying up the pistol.
...if there's a slide stop, make sure you're not pushing it up with the index finger...the slide may lock back...

...don't get such a habit that you do it once with a'll burn your finger badly...
Riding the slide.

Had a few P380's at one time, and I toyed with different grips. Yes, going as high up the back as possible helped with lowering the relationship to the bore axis, but it risked slide bite. (Lost a bit of skin, from that.) And, yes, raising the fingers as you suggest makes more room down below. But I had unintended friction against the slide sufficiently frequently to make me question that method's usefulness in a SD situation.

And so, I went back to a traditional grip. On the P380, that seemed to work fine. Though, the +1 (K387G) mags make this easier.
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