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Milt Sparks PMK holster?

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I was wondering if anyone here has a milt sparks PMK OWB holster for a S&W J-frame? If so how well does this holster conceal this gun? I'm going to order one for my S&W 340 M&P and plan on wearing it under a T-shirt or polo type shirt. Is this a bulky holster or is it a thin holster? If you own a Sparks PMK could you post a pic of how it,so I can see how it carries and holds the gun against the body? Thnaks for any help on this guys.
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I have never used the PMK, but in general nothing holds the gun quite as close as a pancake.
I seem to remember that TwinCarry (where is he these days) made a post that for the J frame he liked the Fist #12 slightly modified better than the PMK. I mention him because he had tons of quality holsters. Maybe Torrejon224 will make a comment on this. He also has tons of quality leather.

I have two Fist #12s for J frames and can't think of how one could be better. Price is very reasonable, quality is excellent, and lead time was about 6 weeks the last time I ordered. However, the PMK is always highly spoken of by those who own them.

I would recommend taking a look at the Fist. None is better than Sparks, and I am sure one would be happy with his PMK

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