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Due to the shortage, or should I say, FAMINE of ammo after the
last elections.

I held back on the buying of a .380 until I at least started to see some FMJ practice ammo in my area shops.

That was last month.. and American Eagle was $38 a box!

Luckily, I did find one box of much cheaper Independence brand ammo that's made locally in Lewiston, Idaho.

Following this , I found a reduced price on a NIB Micro Desert Eagle
after doing a few hours of internet window shopping.

Knowing that with it being a CZech made pistol, that I'd probably
wind up doing a review on it for my forum or Blog.

I'd want to include both FMJ and JHP loads for testing.

However, my search for any quality JHPs for defensive carry
became quite dismal.

Always a fan of Double Tap Ammo from Mike McNett and crew in

I was able to check out the DT website and see that he actually had
.380 ammo in stock!

(I've been shooting and promoting his products for a few years now
on CZF and my personal CZ-ZONE websites, and have never had anything but superb performance)

Contacting him with an order for a box of his 95 grain Controlled Expansion JHP.

This is what he sent me a few days later.

So, gathering up my new MDE and test ammo.

Myself and Nancy, went to the local indoor Range to see what
firing a Micro DE was really like!

Normally, I'd start out with some FMJ practice stuff and work up to the more powerful JHPs.

The MDE holds 6 in the tiny magazine, with another in the chamber, for a total of 7 rounds of .380 fun.

I ran the target to approx. 7 yards, racked the slide and sent
the 95 grainer into the cozy chamber of the Micro.

Having dry fired the gun a little bit during the week.
I knew that the trigger pull was not great, but not as heavy
as say a PPK.

I smoothly pulled the DAO trigger and launched a JHP into the
dead center of the target!

My next two round were right beside it, and then the others in the
mag went a bit lower.

The gun shot fine and the Double Tap JHP was very LOUD and
had some noticed muzzle flash and blast from such a short barrel.

Recoil was more than in my old Cz83 .380, but not as pounding as a hot JHP in 9mm Makarov. I was having so much fun, I really didn't notice it much.

It was great! we tried to capture some of the flash on camera, but that's sometime difficult to do.

My next mag went very smoothly as the DT ammo seems to glide right through the diminutive Eagle.

I experimented with trigger control to a degree and had some good hits and not so and ones, but no signs of a problem from the ammo.

Using my last loaded mag that held 6 rounds of the Controlled
Expansion rounds.

The target looked like it had a shotgun blast of 00 Buck!

I was just thrilled with the excellent performance of the Micro
and Double Tap .380.

Nancy was snapping way with the camera, and a guy in the
other lane yelled over to me.

" Hey, What are you shooting ?"

I told him.

"A loud .380, want to try it out??

As I made sure the weapon was clear.

I put it on the table- and we talked about his guns.

A nifty Ruger .22 and custom Springer 1911.

He said that he'd never shot a .380 before.

Well, I loaded up 4 rounds of the FMJ and set 2 DT JHPs on top.

He ran his target out to about 20 yards then squeezed off.

The DT made a mighty roar and he exclaimed.


I think he came away as impressed as I did with the Micro.

The gun never hinted at giving a problem, nor did the ammo.

Both of us experienced NO slide bite.

I did put a few rounds of .22 into the target from his gun.

And I also shot 6 rounds of the FMJ. I'll say the recoil with both loads was only painful about round 20 when my hand started to ache a bit.

A few more shots..
By that time I wanted to quit with the .380 and shoot Nancy's
PCR that had new nites installed by CZ-USA.

The Micro then went back into my new High Noon pocket grabber

See that the .380 group is at the bottom.

9mm [email protected] 15 yards above that.

.22 rounds in the head:)

Know that I shot Remington FMJ in the PCR, and kicked myself for not bringing along my Double Tap Ammo in 9mm+P!

That would have made a perfect end to a wonderful range trip!

Kudos, to the designers of the ZVI KEVIN pistol.
And a big THANKS to Mike at Double Tap for the gratis ammo!

For more information.

Visit:Doubletapammo Shop
High Noon Holsters

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This little gun is a great backup to my larger Czech made guns.

Others might cite horrible recoil and trigger pull but I'm
quite pleased with this gun so far.

IF you get a chance. Take one for a spin.

I'm going to buy the blued version latter on this year and
put my other Marschal grips on it.
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