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Saw this story on Drudge and thought I'd share.

Highway patrol gave feds Missouri weapon permits data - Columbia Daily Tribune : News

I think we lost the definition if a right. We cab license privilege, but rights are guaranteed. The government cannot by definition give a right. They may under certain circumstances limit then when in the best interest of the public, but those limitations must be carefully considered before putting then in place. I'm torn between the police needing to know who has a weapon and my right to keep and bear arms and also my own rights concerning privacy (which isn't enumerated in the constitution but its doctrine is now part of federal law).

Being conservative and libertarian on personal rights, I think that this has definitely toured out of balance. But as a career military member I understand the benefit fur a LEO to know who's carrying. The problem is that LEOs often cross the line because of fear, ignorance, or authority issues.

Your thoughts?

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