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Missouri permit wait time.

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I live in rural Missouri and just got mine yesterday!! Only a 12 day wait! I'm sure it's a bit longer around KC and St. Louis. Just thought i'd share!
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Congrats Clutch. Mine took four agonizing weeks, but that's not as bad as many other places.
I got mine in St Louis county back in 2006 or 2007. Turn around for me back then was only about a week if I remember correctly. Basically I had to drive down to Clayton and full out forms, fingerprints, and all that. Seemed like it only took a couple days and I had the letter and had to go to the licensee office.

Renewal is same day for me now, I just take a day off work and head to Clayton to fill out the form. The turn around and give you the slip to take to the license office.

Only thing troubling right now is what the license office (DOR) is doing with the database they started. :(

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Lucky you. Try Arkansas. Wait time is much much longer. Renewals are even longer wait.
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