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MMC Night Sights?

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Not a lot of places have night sights for the Taurus PT145. This place does but I'd like to hear if anyone has used them - if they are okay to deal with??....

Taurus PT-Millennium Pro: PT Night Sights MMC Adjustable Sights
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I purchased a set of 3 Dot night sights for my PT1911 from them. When I got them found out they need to be fitted to the slide, due to minor variances in the slide dovetails. Returned the sights and slide to them, they installed them and returned the slide. No charge for the installation, just shipping. I'd deal with them again.

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They do great work.

My CZ75 has the custom pattern bar-dot.

after 8 years of stting in my safe ( I don't shoot this gun anymore)
the sights were very dim.

I sent it back to them a couple months ago.

They installed new tritium vials and sent the slide back for Free!

Now they are brighter than when I first got them.

I'll eventually sell this gun to someone that will appreciate the great sights.

Best for luck with your install. I think that MMC nites are worth the extra time
and money.
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