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I had thought that the premise behind the MOLLE system was its modularity and the ability to attach what you want, where you want it.

Unfortunately, what I am finding is that the spacing on the PALS on the bags and belts do not match up to the spacing of the PALS and straps on the pouches. While the spacing on the bags and belt panels seems to be approx.. 1.4”, stitching to stitching, the spacing on the pouches seems to be closer to 1.7”. This means that the mounting straps on the pouches do not line up with the PALS.

My initial endeavor is setting up a belt with a dual pistol magazine pouch, a dual, or triple, rifle magazine pouch, an easily removable admin pouch and a holster. I am trying to do this without spending the $400.00+ that I would for something like the High Threat Concealment system. I would think that this should be fairly easy, BUT it looks like the MOLLE systems are not all spaced the same.

What am I missing? Am I just looking at the wrong manufacturers? I have not been able to find any one manufacturer that has all the pieces I want. Am I just SOL and have the spend $400.00+ to get what I want?

Thoughts or suggestions?
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