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I have seen the mille to alice adapters which allow you to connect molle accessories to an alice belt, or alice accessories to an molle belt/bag.

My question is, is there any reason that you can not just put the alice clips through the PAL straps on the molle accessory to attach to an alice belt?

A good example is to attach a slim two pouch AR magazine carrier or a drop pouch to an alice belt by putting two of the metal alice clips through the PAL straps on the back of the magazine carrier and attach it directly to the belt rather than having to add the additional thickness and bulk of the molle to alice adapter. Basically turning an already existing belt into a utility/battle belt by just attaching the modern accessories with parts that are already owned.

Are the PAL straps on the back of the molle accessories strong enough to stand up to the metal alice clips? Yes, I realize that some manufacturers will have better quality and stronger product that others, but in general, is it strong enough?


As an alternative, is there anybody that makes alice versions of the modern accessories?


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I have been out of town this week, but just before I left, I got a response from Maxpedition on this.

According to Maxpedition:
“Yes, the PALS webbing on our Double Magazine Pouch ( Sku: 1438) can be used with metal Alice clips.”

What does this mean to me?

Well, it means that, rather than having to spend $400.00 for a “battle belt” I get to put together what I want for $0.00 by using what I already have. No, I am not really looking for a “battle belt” but I am looking for something that will allow me to have something put together that will hold two pistol magazines, two rifle magazines and a pistol holster that I can just grab and have what I need during the middle of the night.

So what I now have is:
Old ALICE style web belt
Double pistol magazine pouch on left hip (same place I have spare magazine carrier for CC)
Double AR Magazine pouch just behind left hip
Full flap holster on the right hip (I am hoping to eventually replace this with a more usable level 2 retention holster eventually)
Plenty of room across the back if I should ever want to add anything else, such as first aid kit or admin pouch

The two big plusses for me here are:
1. Cost (or lack thereof)
2. It is low profile enough that it does not “bulge” under a light jacket

For anybody who has used a traditional “battle belt”, you will already know that one of the negatives for most of them is that they do not always stay in place when running or actively moving about – they can tent to ride up and “bounce”. Well, that can be easily addressed by either tying or clipping the web belt to your regular belt (no, this is not as convenient, or as nice, as a Velcro system, but it does work just as well – and again, minimal cost).

So, for those of you who like the older ACICE pack and system, and want to put together an emergency belt, but do not want to spend the $$ on one of the new systems on the market – here is an option for you. Just gow down to your local JAX, or wherever you get your surplus gear – and pickup an extra belt and some ALICE clips. You now can attach any of the modern Molle accessories to your belt for minimal cost.

Just an FYI – I figured that if I wanted something like this, there was probably somebody else out there that is looking for the same thing.
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