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Money Down....New Pistola :)

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I finally got around to putting money down on my new pistol. On order at my local shop is a Sig Sauer Equinox in .40S&W. I'm also going to pick up a .357Sig barrel for it.

I'm extremely happy, although I'm a little upset that I have to wait for the stupid purchasing permit to clear because I live in NJ, and even more upset that I have to get home to put the stupid form in so th at I can take possession of the pistol.

After I've got it all paid off though, I can shoot it at the local dealers range, which is sweet!

What do you guys think? What's next (I'm thinking a Kahr, or an XD45). Euc, we know which way you're gonna vote :)

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Great choice in handguns...the Equinox looks good and feels better in the hand.

My heart goes out to you....I once lived in NJ and detested the senseless gun laws there.

Are you thinking about a Kahr 9mm? .40? .45? Regardless, I love the Kahr handgun line owning three myself.

I have little experience with the XD line....the sole XD I shot, a 9mm 5" gun, shot excellently and had a good trigger. The XD45 looks like a winner.

Try to get your hands on your next gun, whether it's a Kahr or XD45 and fire some rounds out of it. Choose which ever fits your fancy.
Sounds good Jim but - how long will you have to wait now, for the permit? Hopefully not in terms of months!!

Be good to a pic or two once you do have it and of course you'll write us up a report :wink:
wheres a picture of what one of these things look like :biggrin:

Congrats :)


I'm not sure how long I'm going to have to wait for the permits to come through. I was applying for my FID card the last time I bought pistols, and I think that means they do a much more in depth BG check. I'm hoping I have the permit in less then a month. I'm going to attempt to send in the paperwork this week, although I'm not sure if the NJSP will take the paperwork if I mail it in (I don't think I need another set of fingerprints done... but I'm not sure...)

I'll post pics of my actual pistol after it gets in at the shop.

Congrats, that should be a winner.
cool down period?!? but I'm angry now!! ...........Yeah, the wait can be a pain. Nice looking pistol though. Should serve you well.
XD-45. I think the XD-45 may actually eclipse the Colt Government as my favorite combat-ready handgun. It's a big maybe, but it could be. I still like the 1911 for CCW though.
Just hope then Jim the hurdles are no worse than you anticipate - as ever from where I am, and some others - it all seems crazy :frown:
I purchased a Beretta 92FC when I lived in NJ....from what I recall, it took the state almost a month to get the permit to get the Beretta in my hands.
Gotta say," that Equinox is a beautimus weapon." It would be even purdier with a bigger hole though. --------
Very nice gun indeed. As far as the others goes Id opt for the xd. Ive heard nothing but good on those guns. But the kahr would probably be a little more concealable if your looking for one to carry. Enjoy that new sig. Sixgun
Enjoy that great looking gun! Nice! Hope the permit comes through quickly.
Nice looking gun!

Hopefully the wait will be worth it!

Beautiful handgun. I must admit, I get a little jealous sometimes. I own a Kahr P9 (which I love!) and am looking at the Springfield XD45 as a housegun option. Good luck with the Sig...let us know how it shoots once you pick her up.
The Sig Equinox is a beautiful gun. I would love to have one of my own.
I really like the look of those Sigs. Nice choice!
I like the finish on the Sig 229, but I was honestly more interested in the fiber optic and night sight in one unit on the pistol. I'd be happy if it came in just the plain black finish. Oh well. As it is, I'm planning on picking up a set of CT's for it :)

That is one beautiful firearm. Congratulations. Be sure to let us know how it shoots.
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