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I just got bored and threw this together really quick so it's not the *big* test I've been planning.

I soaked the newspapers thoroughly for an hour and then drained them for 30 min before shooting.

I shot the following rounds out of a Glock 17 at 10ft.:
Cor-Bon 115gr +p
Speer Gold Dot 124gr (standard pressure)
Speer Gold Dot 115gr (standard pressure)
Remington Golden Saber 124gr +p
Winchester Ranger SXT 147gr
Hornady TAP FDP 147gr
Hornady TAP FDP 124gr

I first did a test into bare wetpack.
Afterwards I shot all rounds through a 3/4 pine board that was 4" from the wetpack
Finally I fired all rounds through 4 layers of denim into wetpack.

(click pics to enlarge)


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More great stuff J.P. - many thx.
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