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VCDL-PAC STRONGLY endorsed Jeff McWaters wins -- big time.

Virginia Beach, VA-January 12, 2010 - Today, in a special election in
Virginia Beach, the voters of the 8th senate district voted overwhelming to
elect Jeff McWaters over democrat Bill Fleming by a margin of 57 points. The
election was to fill the 8th senate district seat left open by new Beach
Sheriff Ken Stolle. The voters of Virginia Beach voted in favor of McWaters
78 - 21%.

"Thank you for your tremendous support over these last nine months. I am
truly looking forward to serving the people of Virginia Beach and making
good on the themes of my campaign: recruiting businesses to create jobs,
cutting the size and cost of government, and prioritizing transportation
projects while getting our fair share of transportation funding," says
McWaters. "I thank all who voted today on this cold Tuesday in January. I am
continually astounded by the commitment of over four hundred volunteers that
has been the backbone of my campaign from the beginning. A special thank
you to my friends, family and supporters and know that I fully plan to
deliver for Virginia Beach and this region while serving as your senator in
Richmond. Now it's time to get to work for all of the citizens of the 8th
senate district. Make no mistake, I am a conservative republican but my door
will be open to all, republican, democrat or independent."

Senator-elect Jeff McWaters will be sworn in at the capital in Richmond
tomorrow, January 13th, around noon. The swearing in is expected to be the
first order of business of the 2010 legislative session. As the newly
elected senator of Virginia Beach, Jeff McWaters has been chosen to deliver
the response to Governor Kaine's State of the Commonwealth speech tomorrow
evening on behalf of senate republicans.

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Hopefully there will be more changes this year as McDonnell takes the reins. Maybe by the end of the year we'll be able to carry in restaurants!
Man I hope so. I had to do the Va. tuck tonight and it sucks.

Both my state Senator and Delegate know my feelings ob this issue.
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