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mossberg 88

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Hey everybody. I was wondering if anybody had any experience with the Mossberg 88. I've found it locally for 220. Do you like 'em? It's primarily to sit next to my bed at night for home defense. Thanks for your help.
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It's virtually the same thing as the 500, just a couple minor differences to reduce cost which im not sure what that is at the moment. A good gun for the money and good enough for what you need it for. Obviously you'd want something better if you hunt or do tactical gun courses.
Yeah that's what I thought from what I'd researched already....
I would look into getting a shortened pistol grip for it if its going to be strictly HD. You want to reduce your outreach as much as possible in a close quarters setting, less chance of the BG snatching it and taking it from you.
good gun. Just FYI I saw a used Remington 870P today on gunbroker up for auction no bids at 145.00 Looks good some wear on the wood stock but for what your needing most likely a good buy too.
I had one for my wife's HD shotgun. The action was VERY stiff. She had to plant the but on her hip to cycle it and then return to point. Considering the intended purpose, it was next to useless after the first shot.
I had the action "stoned", but it didn't help much. After about 300 rounds the forend (synthetic) started to split. :frown: That's when I traded it off.

I love Mossburg 500/590's and have more than one, but they made a mistake going "cheap" with the Maverick 88's in my opinion. :hand1:

P.S. I saw one this past week for $179.95, new in box w/ 28" vent rib bbl and synthetic stock. The extra 18.5" "cruiser" bbl was $59.95.
If you are talking about the Maverick 88 series, then I have the same one. I had one issue which was when I was rapid firing the gun a spent shell would stay stuck in the breech. I read that it was most likely gunk (cosmoline) that was still left. I used a green pad and some solvent and haven't had the issue return.

As far as the differences, it has a plastic/polymer trigger assembly, I believe the safety is different as it is in the trigger assembly as opposed to on the receiver and the pump action is one piece as opposed to 2. This means that you can't change out the forgrip without replaceing the little arm (can't remember proper term). This is easily done with the 870 part.
Love mine. I have 2, actually. One is a field model, the other being a security model. I keep the security model on the gun rack in my bedroom, and totally trust it. I've added a heat shield and a slip-on shell holder.

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The 88 is a very good gun at a very good price.
I owned one for a short while just because I got it at a good price and I was looking for a shotgun I could use for game hunting. I eventually sold it because I'm more of a fan of the Remington 870 but the Maverick 88 is a solid choice that won't break the bank at all. I'm thinking about getting the security model for a cheap knock around shotgun and to arm a family member in the event of an emergency.
The Maverick IMO is a better choice than the 500 IF you have the Secops recoil reducing stock.
The 500's tang safety is a PITA to operate compared to the Mavericks crossbolt design.

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