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Mossberg 930 SPX new gun with problems

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Took my new Mossberg 930 SPX out for it's maiden run and ran into some problems. I put 6 rounds through it and it seemed to have a failure to extract so I racked the bolt and it extracted and fed the next round but when I pulled the trigger click but no boom. After looking things over I pulled the bolt back and it extracted the shell. There was no impact on the primer. I loaded it back in and released bolt pulled trigger Click no boom. I then discovered the shell lifter was stuck down or toward the bottom of gun so I couldn't put shells in the mag tube. I was not happy so put it away and shot my handgun for a while. After getting home I messed with it some more and found that if I pushed the bolt release button I could manipulate the shell lifter. it seems that the lifter is moving past the bolt release arm(not sure what to call it) and then catches on it and won't move back up without pushing the button which pulls this arm out of the way. I don't know why this would be it did not do this when I first loaded the gun or when I was playing with it before I went out to shoot.

It seems like I have two symptoms but I suspect they are related. I wonder if the gun is not going fully into battery since the firing pin is not hitting the primer. I am not very experienced with shotguns and this is my first autoloader. I am going to disassemble and see if I can get a better look at what might be going on but was hoping someone has knowledge they could share that might help. Thanks.
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My only experience with Mossberg wasn't a good one and I didn't keep it very long. I would suggest contacting Mossberg customer service and see what they say. Probably have to send it back to them. Or.........sell or trade the Mossberg for a Remington 870 and live happily ever after.
I've had a couple Mossberg shotguns, but only pumps. I was looking at the 930 SPX, but was afraid of reliability as I've never fired a semi-auto.
Had a Mossberg pump shotgun years ago, was fine never an ounce of trouble. Now have a Benelli Tactical 12 guage,,,,great gun, love it
Update. Took gun apart and cleaned thoroughly. Now the shell lifter or elevator seems to work fine and is not catching on what I called the arm of the bolt release button. It appears that this arm was sticking out more than it should have because now it is out of the way. The bolt release is the only part that does not come out of gun in disassembly so I did not do anything with it. I am not sure what changed other than this arm is not in the way anymore. Maybe something was stuck behind it but I don't really know. I am hoping that whatever was going on with that also caused the firing pin to not hit primer. Will test this weekend and update after. Hoping it is fine I have only had to send one gun in due to malfunctions and don't want to deal with again.
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