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Mossberg/New Haven 12 ga pistol grip from Shockwave with pics! Awesome addition!

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I was considering purchasing a pistol-grip shotgun for home defense from Mossberg> the price tag of $300 plus made me go a different route. If any of you have seen the movie with Denzel Washington called "The Book of Eli", you would have noticed the pistol-grip shotgun he carried in the movie. It was almost like a sawed-off shoulder stock, with a birds head grip. Really has a different look to it, as opposed to the standard pistol grip being offered by most companies.

Enter Shockwave Technologies with their RAPTOR grip, designed to fit ALL MOSSBERG variants, including the Maverick and the older New Haven models, as well as Remington and others. Simply remove the screw from the butt stock, line up the Raptor grip, re-install the screw. Doesn't get any easier than that. It is offered in any color you want, as long as it is Black. Cost is under $30, and they offer a foregrip strap that allows you keep a solid hold on the weapon when firing, or carrying.

Since I wanted to go the most affordable route possible, I went to a local gun shop, found an older New Haven 12 gauge with decent finish, and a beat-to-hell wooden stock. Cost: $100 bucks out the door. Raptor grip was another $30. I measured the barrel and cut it off at 18.5 inches. The original barrel had a vent rail along the top of the barrel, and I will dimple the end of the muzzle and add a gold BB at some point to act as a sight bead. Don't really need it, but it looks more complete that way! I removed the butt stock, the LGS gave me a black tactical foregrip they had laying around so I removed the wooden foregrip and installed the Raptor and the black foregrip. Total cost: under $150!

The finished product is pictured below! Aside from looking AWESOME, it actually is easier to shoot than the standard pistol grip. The Raptor allows the recoil to basically slide the grip and wrist backwards... as opposed to the almost wrist-snapping recoil that you feel with a more right-angle grip of the standard pistol grip. It's a scatter gun, and I won't be shoulder-firing it, but it is a breeze to shoot. It's also the perfect size to tuck away by the door, or in the trunk in case it's needed.

The website is and are some great people to deal with. You can also catch some videos on YouTube if you search under Raptor, or shockwave technologies.

So....whaddaya think?


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I like it. Reminds me big time of Max's 12G side by side 'ceptin' a long 12" longer. Seems to me a loop strap over the shoulder hanging on your right side (right handed?) with a long Regulators Duster for cover would work right well. Would it work on a 870? I like my 500 the way it is.

You got any Tarheel in ya? I live just down the road from the old Castle Tavern. Home of Tarheel Stomp. No Lie.
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Actually, living in the Upstate of South Carolina is a stretch for me... love the climate, and most of the people, but I am a UGA grad, and a Bulldog born and bred, and there's just way too many Gamecocks and Clemson orange around here!

I am literally stuck right in the middle of them!

I do my best to teach them manners, and generally after they play Georgia, they are reminded of their place in the NCAA feeding line!

And to your question, I believe the Remington 870 Raptor is due out this summer, if not sooner.
Brother this is just too weird. Don't tell nobody but in the town actual where I live the team is called the Bulldogs. I kid you not. The next town over, Sedro is what I cop to. If you lived hereabouts you'd know why.

Look on the bright side Slim. If you ain't smack dab in the center of a bunch of Libturds you ain't doin' that bad. And thank your lucky stars you're in a Red State.

Well Son I don't know much about 'feedin' lines'. I do know 'bout my place in the food chain tho. Sorta.
BADA$$ and an unbeatable price! I just bought a forend strap for my Mossy from them and that Raptor grip caught my eye too!
I like it! I've always felt a short, lightweight, pistol grip 12 gauge was a handy home defense weapon regardless of what the "experts" say...
I think I want one........ it reminds me of mad max lol....
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