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There is one use I can fathom for such a firearm as a Jennings or a High Point.

Back in World War 2 they used to drop off tons of single shot pot metal guns behind enemy lines. Their purpose?

It gave a resistance fighter a chance to shoot a German and take his much nicer guns that were actually serviceable.

But even at that I just saw a Taurus Model 84 going for $125. It looks like hell. But the cylinder looked good, the side to side play was acceptable, the cylinder gap wasn't an issue, the frame is not cracked, and if you put it in full lockup the cylinder doesn't wiggle and you can see light coming through the muzzle and into the chamber. Trigger pull isn't great and it's .38 Special, not +P rated.

But I would take that gun in a heartbeat over the pot metal specials at the same price range. Its flaws are purely cosmetic.

I've seen you can buy a High Point .38 for $70 brand new. That's hard to beat if you don't even have $100.
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