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No justification to shoot. PERIOD. Could have been an accident. This kind of thing happens everyday. It's even part of a commercial for T-Mobile. Kid means to put the car in reverse, looks to the rear so he can back up and goes forward thru the garage door.

Given the distance, I'd probably throw myself on the hood of the oncoming car and make sure my 245+ pounds left a nice dent. Quid pro quo.

Again, both cars were parked and already very close, by this account. Not much time to move and even less time to draw. In fact, by the time you do draw, the danger will be way or another. So your buddy is cut in half between the two vehicles. Do you kill the driver of the other car for revenge? Of course not. Do you shoot him to prevent him from killing somebody else...maybe yourself? If you're in a safe area to start with, I don't see how you can make a case for an imminent threat to anybody.
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