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Sad to say maybe - being the ancient cynic I am - I imagine from the get go I'd have felt leary of this SBG - and not have trusted him at all.

That said I (as GG1) would have probably stayed in some clear position in case and made mental plans for any actual confrontation. Certainly not left self vulnerable.

Here tho, imagining now as being GG2 observing and carrying - very hard indeed to say - because there is little time to decide whether the apparent upcoming leg pinning is gonna happen, or is just an intimidatory act. As we so often have to say - not there to see it unfold and have other minutiae available to add to the decision-making process. Some of that too might even be ''gut feeling".

On balance I would not see this as a good shoot at all if bullets flew - but much might depend on available witness evidence after the event - IF it had gone bad. It could of course be construed as a severe if not lethal threat - but hard to see that passing muster in a court.

All I see clearly here is avoidance being necessary - cannot think much beyond, unless SBG presented a weapon in which case everything is much simplified.
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