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Three conditions must exist to justify the use of deadly force. (Yes this is a lot to think about under stress, but that's when you must think the best and clearest you can)
ABILITY: SBG must have the ability to do you/other person great personal injury or cause death
OPPORTUNITY: The opportunity exists for SBG to do you or another person great personal injury or cause death.
JEOPARDY: Your life or the life of another is in jeopardy because of the actions of another person.
All of these must exist simultaneously at the moment you are being threatened to justify the use of deadly force.
If you present a weapon/shoot in the above scenario, I think you will probably have serious problems, and even if all three exist you are not obligated or required to use deadly force. Only LEO are obligated. Citizens only have the right to choose, and bear the consequences of that decision.
I question the clarity of the thought processes of GG1, based on the fact that he has placed himself between two vehicles which are already in close proximity to each other. Even if his mother was driving the other vehicle, it's not a smart move. Stuff happens.
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