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Motor vehicle aggression

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Names modified to keep it hyopthetical. :)

Two folks I know (GG1 and GG2) took some old heavy furniture to the dump to get rid of it. Due to its heavy nature, they pulled up as close as possible to the transfer pit to unload it -- head in parking. SBG (s for suspected) pulls up behind them, close to their bumper to unload his own items. Unfortunately this doesn't leave GG1 room to unload his stuff. GG1 asks SBG if he could back up so GGs 1 and 2 could get the stuff out their vehicle. SBG tells GG1 to pull forward instead. GG1 responds tells him the items they're moving are very heavy and that's why he parked where he did. They look at each other for a minute, then the SBG gets in his car to back up. SBG first puts it in drive and goes forward, ostensibly intentionally, coming very close to pinning GG1's legs between the vehicles. GG2 is a witness throughout.

GG1 doesn't carry, so put yourself in GG2's shoes. What would you have done? In particular, 1) how would you excercise your duty to retreat in that situation? Could you, given the immediate nature of a vehicle coming toward you? 2) A car is proven as a deadly force aggression; would it have been justifiable to shoot?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and comments.
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