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Moving out of the country - not able to carry

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Hi Folks,

In July 2006 my family and I will be moving out of the country and I will no longer be able to carry concealed; what's worse is I will not be able to take my guns with me.

I am moving to Israel - this has been a lifelong dream, so the pros far outweigh the cons, but I am still grieving over having to give up concealed carry and my guns. I just sold my Glock 30 - my regular carry gun, and tomorrow I ship my Kahr PM9 that I just bought to a very lucky buyer in New Hampshire. I feel like I've had to put down my favorite dogs!

I had thought Israel would have a much more gun-friendly attitude, but it seems since the assasination of Prime Minister Rabin over 10 years ago, the government has tightened the screws on gun ownership. You have to reside in Israel 3 years before you can even apply for a gun license. The gun license is only good for one gun. You can only get a license if you live in the territories, drive a bus or taxi, or operate a jewelry business.

You can't import a gun into Israel unless you have permission form the Interior Ministry and the national police department. I am trying to find out if there is any way to get special permission to override these rules, but it's not looking good.

Bottom line, be very grateful for the US and the ability to own guns. I've lived in horrible states like California and New York and great states like Colorado and Texas. Texas has been the best as I was able to get my CCW permit and have carried for almost a year. In another thread, someone mentioned that going without carrying is like going around naked. I can certainly agree with that.

I will definitely keep posting to CombatCarry and I really appreciate the great information, knowledgeable folks, and strong sense of cameraderie on the forum. Just please excuse me if I drool once in a while over a picture of a gun or cry when I remember my Glock and my Kahr. Hopefully, in 3 years or less, I'll have good news for everyone on the forum that I am carrying again.
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That to bad you cant take them with you or easly buy new you would think with the violance over there they would be more than happy to have you pack
good luck with the move hope every thing works out for you
Good luck.

Oh,and you could always join the IDF. They like guns ;)
Good luck, success, and safety on your move!

Congrats on fulfilling a life-long dream, too bad it comes with an 2nd amendment price!
Good Luck

The time will pass quickly & you'll have your Israeli License To Carry before too very long.:yup:

My wife was in Israel several times and actually felt extremely safe there. Lots of other citizens will be armed also.

It's been about 15 years though since her last trip.

SAD, that you've got to sell your firearms here though.

Just think...Stick With Us and you can eventually do some Forum Reviews of some of those Unique & NICE Israeli Made Pistols.

Addition: Once you are over there....should you spot any older Galil or Israeli Military Industries related material...brochures ~ pamphlets ~
Send me a Private Mail ~ Mayhaps an I.M.I. Bayonet for the Galil SAR I'm Interested. Will Pay Cash. :yup:

Stay Safe!
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Stay safe over there Bent and may you find everything you are looking for. :wave:
Have a good safe.
Look at QK always on the look out for
How crazy is that? More people than ever are wanting in the USA and you are heading out! It is sad to loose a law abiding fellow CHL holder.

If I may ask, what is the life long dream and what are you looking to do when you are there, school, work/career, family? It is just interesting to me when people actually get the opportunity to do what they always wanted to do. I think it is great even if having to give up a right that you have come know and love.

Be safe and watch your back. Good luck to you and your family.
It is obviously something you wish and need to do - so good luck in the venture but - yes indeed, relinquishing your guns and not being able to carry is really grim.

I transitioned from a crazy anti gun UK to the ''home of the gun'' - all to join forces with a wonderful lady - and the plus was, I could once again indulge my passion and also at last carry. I could no more think of leaving my now adopted motherland than fly to the moon - in fact the latter might be more possible!

Best wishes tho for sure - and hope it'll be otherwise all you want.
I hope you find happyness in your new home, and the lord be with you and yours!!
Good luck. Sorry you have to go, but I'm glad you can do something you've always wanted.

Let us know when you've settled in.
Slider said:
I hope you find happyness in your new home, and the lord be with you and yours!!
Couldn't have put this any better.
All the best!
Good luck, hope it all works out well for you and yours.
Wait until you get there. The rules and reality can be very different.

AirForceShooter said:
Wait until you get there. The rules and reality can be very different.

+1 Man, I don't know your motives, but all I can say is by leaving the USA you are leaving the best country in the world, and I mean that. You are also leaving a country that has freedom. I am speechless, my son is due to be born soon and I could not dream of leaving the country to move to Israel. Now if you would have said England I would have been less hesitant to make a comment, but you are moving your family to an area that is a war zone! Think about it. Being former military let me tell you there is nothing romantic about the desert.

My dad is a Vietnam vet and he has come up with the Idea that he is going to the Phillipines at the end of the month. Dad, don't do it. I sent him a link about terrorism over there. In short man, you are making a mistake. Now, lets stop flying around the Airport and land this gunship. Are you going because that is your birth home and you want to join the fight, because if so you can't help them. I mean I don't know your motives but cleary, I mean clearly think out your decision. Good Luck and God speed.
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Good luck !!
bentcursor I wish you the best in your move.
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