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multiple gun carry

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does anybody carry more than one gun at a time? why? what?
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I do not. I carry my XD9 with 15 in the house and 15 in my extra mag. I usually head out with the wifey and she carries 7 in her MK9. If I ever need it, I'm hoping that will be enough. I trust in my XD9 to deliver should I ever need it.
many times i do carry two. as to why well as an officer i had my strong side elbow broken in a fight that turned into a gunfight , it was not an experiance to be repeated , now i carry a " get off me " gun on my weak side , and when i leave the house a primairy carry iwb strong side normaly . it fits my peace of mind and i hope that answered at lest one of your questions lol
Nope, I haven't found a back up I like yet. Doubt I ever will either! I was on a mission to find one awhile back but never pulled the trigger on one yet.

My carry guns are flawless so I rely on them and carry an extra mag, total of 16 rounds.

occasionally I carry either a second compact pistol or my NAA .22 for a last ditch gun. Why ? It's a dangerous world out there, better to have it an not need it , than the other way around.
Not yet. I want to get a J-frame as a backup though. Like ******* Repairs, I want to have an option for my weak side hand to go for. I plan to carry the revolver in an ankle holster, which granted is not quick access while standing, is very easy to draw seated. When in my car my primary is basically unaccessible, so I want another option.
I carry a second gun when I'm off-duty (BUG carry while on-duty is prohibited by my and I believe the majority of fed agencies). My usual off-duty guns are a Kahr P9 Covert and a PM9; both 9mm utilizing the same magazines. The PM9 goes in a weak hand-side pocket holster.
My primary carry is a full size SA 1911 in a Max Con V. It can be slow to access with heavy clothing on, buckled up and seated in the car or truck. I have occasionally carried a J frame in a pocket holster also. I just got a SA Lightweight Champion. I carry the Champion in a Alessi shoulder holster. This setup is working out pretty well for the times I want to have quicker access to a gun while driving. You would be amazed how easy it can be to conceal two 1911s and a total of 50 rounds with the proper gear.
Mostly just the one (226) but actually not at all unusual to have NAA Mini in a pocket as well - it is so small and easy to have there.

Other times if I feel a better BUG is wise then R9 might be in pocket or on ankle.
does anybody carry more than one gun at a time? why? what?

Yep, all the time
Why? Because Mr. Murphy is alive and well. :wink:
What? Depends, sometimes another 1911, or a S&W M-36 or 60, always a Kel-Tec P32.
Well the saying is, "one is none, two is one, three is two..." but so far I do not carry a backup. I am relatively new to every-day carry (being a recent California refugee) so strapping on a backup will have to wait.

I do however agree that a BUG is a wise thing to do, for the very reason ******* Repairs stated. I could use a Glock 27 as a BUG but I am thinking I'll go to a revolver on weak side eventually.
I do when I can, and I'll have my Colt Cobra ankle carry. With summertime coming up, I don't know how often that will be. :lol: My NAA Mini Mag might have to go back on duty in the bottom of my pocket.
Colt Defender and a Kel-Tec P32. All the time that I'm awake. I have thought about just skipping the P32 but it's in a pocket holster and I never, ever notice it at all. So.... might as well just have it with me.
Often times I will carry my full sized not-so-stock SA GI 1911 in an IWB Kydex Blade-Tech holster, with my Ruger SP101 in my Smartcarry. With these two together I don't feel undergunned in the least.

Amelia Isle. only has about a month of coat weather, so even though I try my best to keep a full size 9 with me, the P3AT is always in the pocket. Win. Rangers in it too.

This isn't any quick-draw setup, but even on the beach, I just add a zip lock storage bag, and I can get splashed with no problem.

I just try to stay away from condition white, and tell myself that it much faster than running back to my car.:yup:

Chief of Police

Yes, as a police officer of 20 years, I carry on a daily basis. I also encourage my CCW students as well as officers to carry a "backup gun" as well as at least one edged weapon. I have had three firearms malfunction on me (fortunately during training). Two were semi-automatics and one was a revolver. Pieces actually broke and took the weapon completely out of service. I've had a couple of other officer have weapons malfunction during training/requalifications and their weapons were taken out of service completely. I encourage a secondary firearm.

Jeff L.
I will occasionally carry the R9 or P-32 in my pocket along with the glock 23 and extra mag.
Always have 2 ., sometimes 3 ... a full size 1911 , & a 9mm derringer in my left front pocket.... is everyday, 4 days out of 7 i will also have a milenium pt140 also.........
Always two-sometimes three.Murphy lurks and sometimes
shows up.
When I can, I will carry 2 guns. This means on days off. When I work I only carry my 632 in right front pocket.

When I double up, I put the XD45 on the hip and the snubby moves to left front pocket.
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