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Multiple State CCW Permits

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How many of you have CCW permits from multiple states? I am from Colorado and have only one, but many of the people I have met and some I have read here and in other forums have them for other states. Is this because you frequently travel to those states or just because?
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I just have the Missouri permit. I don\'t travel that much. I am planning on getting a Florida permit . That will cover me for most states.
Tennessee has a pretty good list of reciprocating states so I\'m pretty much covered as far as outof state travel. I don\'t go out of state much anyway.Have a safe & happy new year :rock: , Lazyace1975.
I currently only have an Arizona permit. Locally, you can take a 3 1/2 hour class (after taking the Arizona CCW class) that will qualify you for both Utah and Florida CCWs. Those three permits will make you legal in 23 states. I am going to take this class in the next couple of months.
Just NC. IIRC we\'re good in more states than FL now. I was planning on just a non-res FL permit, however go to SC too often (read as once or twice a year). Glad I didnt because now NC CHP holders dont have to buy a purchase permit for handguns. I may still get my FL permit when funds allow in case my NC permission slip gets lost.
MO and PA here. Will probably pick up others as time goes by, but don\'t travel too much currently. Steven
Home base is Connecticut.
If you get in a car and drive, you can cross the state in less then two hours, so I have seven CCW permits.
CT., N.H.,Ma.,Fl.,Pa.,Me.,Nv., soon I will get Utah, and maybe a couple more down South.
I like being legal, and of course having a handgun with me when I travel.
I had a Rhode Island CCW for years, then it was taken away, so I stopped visiting that state, it was that easy.
I have 2, one from my home state of Arkansas and one from Florida. I do travel a lot and these will allow me to carry in all the states I visit. :rock:
multi states

I have the missouri and NH. next is the florida I hope to have in the very near future

I have the Utah,and NH permits. Didn\'t really need the NH permit,but got it on GP.;) Getting Virginia and Florida soon.
Here in Mi we were lucky to get a pro 2A state AG elected so when our CCW went into effect He has been very active in securing recispocity in writing with mutipule states. GO JACK COX!!!:D
ccw permit

I have a WV permit but the ohio and pa borders are only a few minuets each way so I have already sent for pa permit and I have the flordia forms on the desk just waiting to get a few extra bucks to get the florida permit to make me leagle for ohio and pa among others :D
I have my home state of mass, and a NH NR permit. This gives me three states counting VT that I can carry in near by, and have done so. Penn has just added NH to the list for reciprocity. That makes 24 states I can carry in total right now (from I will be adding a Florida NR permit soon (just got the kit in the mail this week) with these three permits I will be able to carry in 30 states total.

Check out:

They have tons of valuable CCW information state by state, and the site is updated every day. also has a search tool that will tell you what states you can carry in, and listings for each states web site, and phone numbers. So you can get in touch with the right people for each state.
I first obtained a PA license while MO sorted out her LTC issuance debacle. It was $20 well spent. I don\'t really need the PA anymore - but I still carry it along with the MO license - for old time\'s sake I guess.
Wife and I are going to be taking the 1-Day 23-State Concealed Course @ Front Sight.

1 Day 23 State Concealed Weapon Permit
This course is held on the day following any two day or four day handgun course, thus allowing you legally carry a concealed weapon in 23 states.

Cost: $300.00

Prerequisite Class(s): None
Note: You must attend the immediately preceeding 2 Day Defensive Handgun or 4 Day Defensive Handgun or 2 day Handgun Skill Builder or 2 Day Advanced Tactical Handgun, or 4 Day Handgun Combat Master Prep course in order to attend the 23 State Concealed Carry course. Customize your training experience by selecting the handgun course that meets your current needs, and adding on a 23 State Concealed Permit Class the following day.

At Front Sight you will gain skill with a handgun that surpasses the vast majority of people who carry a gun for a living!

At this course you will get all your paperwork signed off, notarized, fingerprints done, certificated proof of required training, and receive the world`s best three day defensive handgun course, that includes presentation from concealed holster and live-fire tactical training in Front Sight`s live-fire shooting houses.

After completing Front Sight`s Concealed Weapon Permit course you will have everything you need to apply and receive the Florida, Nevada, and Utah Concealed Weapon Permits thus allowing you to legally carry in the following 23 states--even if you do not reside in these states!

23 states are as follows:

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, and Wyoming... and more pending any day!

Front Sight will also teach you the secrets on how to legally secure concealed weapon permits in those \"difficult to impossible\" states. This information alone is worth the price of the course, yet provided free of charge as part of the Front Sight Concealed Weapon Permit Course.

Where else can you get permitted in 23 states, learn how to get permitted in ANY state, and walk away with better skills than the average law enforcement officer -- all in three days? Front Sight is the only place on earth where you can get all that and we are offering our Concealed Weapon Permit course on a first-come, first-served basis. We already train more students than all the other shooting schools in this country combined, so we have limited space available in this special course. Our regular students, those who return year after year for our training will most likely grab these slots as fast as we release them, so do not delay.
Front Sight??

Sounds rather high to me. Fl permit cost less and just needs a DD214, or any proof of safety training ie NRA etc.

Fl by it self gives you 29 states.
I have a SC resident, and a NH and FLA non-resident permit. I got the NH one because it covered GA (where much of my family is from) and was cheap and easy to get and I got the FLA later because it covered a few more states I visit that the others do not. I may not renew the NH one. I only get the permits I need to stay safe. I do not collect them \"just because\" as I have more important things on which to spend my money.
I live in NY - so I have that (restricted)...

Just applied for NH (to get CT since the turn around time is 2-3 weeks),
Just applied for FL
Will apply for CT, MA & NJ next...maybe Washington and Nevada when out there next.

Then take a close(r) look at US Virgin Is.
I live in St. Louis CO. where they dont issue permits. So
I have a Fla. and a Pa.
I lived in Fla years ago and had a permit but let it expire, when I moved to MI. I think I might want the Fla permit again, so how do you file finger prints when you live out of state. I read on the Fla site the requirements but the print part I didn\'t understand. The MI. permit is hard enough to get the prints for (appointments etc.) will MI LEO\'s print me for Fla permit?
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