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My CCW renewal story

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Up for renewal, went into the courthouse . They swore in everyone as a group and went thru the process en mass instead of 1 individual at a time. No problems a few questions and sign the pre printed CCw card and I was out the door in less than 1/2 an hour. Much more streamlined than the old system of waiting your turn to interview for hours , then wait a week or so for the permit. Glad to see atleast my county is trying to ease up on the red tape and waiting.
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Your process different than here in TN - I have to wait hours in line at the DMV, fill out my renewal application, and they send it off and I get my new permit in the mail.
You Said:
"They swore in everyone as a group"

They swore you in? That's neat. :biggrin:
They don't do that in PA.
Here we just "sign off" on the form with our signature.

What do you swear to? Just curious.

I wonder how many other states "Swear you in" as part of the L.T.C. process?
Good thing your not in Wayne county you wait time is between 6-9 months if your luckly
Here in west virginia it is shall issue. You write them a check, and in 2-6 weeks you go back in and pick up your permit.
We have the same procedure in Wisconsin.

They usually arrest large numbers of my family all at once. Mama e' mio.
Were Shall issue here too just not veryfast in certain countys like Wayne ... Can you say Detroit is in wayne county and wonder why it takes so long
We don't have any of those problems renewing here in California. :smile:
We were sworn in vouching to not being felons, illegal citizens ect. The payment and backgrouind check were done earlier last month, but a formal board is still required. I just thought it was great that the local govt. was making the renewal as fast and painless as possible.
MI CCW permit

Here in Oceana Co. MI you get a permit in about 30 days, no going before a board and I’m usually the only one in the county clerks office swearing in. They send you a notice that your license is in and you go pick it up. For a buck they’ll laminate it for you.

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QK - know what? We are lucky here in PA - very lucky. :smile:
Here renewal is pretty simple.

You find a CCW instructor and have him fill out the paperwork(training certificate)

Get it notarized,
Send it with a check for 55 bucks and you are good to go for another 4 years as soon as you get it in the mail. No waiting lines, no silly interviews.

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