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Posted this to our 5600+ member community FB page in response to some recent insanity. Will post a video link and the actual Resolution in a bit:

Supervisor John Lewis introduced an LMT Gun Control resolution yesterday and I'm pleased to report that many in the community have already addressed this through my firearm training sessions. I put a program together in exchange for contributions to my fundraiser and was delighted by the response. As a result, many in the community are thoroughly and very competently controlling their guns so I salute all members of the Board for joining me in this initiative. Please don't thank me for my continued service in this endeavor. The thanks goes to those citizens embracing the core American values of personal responsibility, accountability and self-reliance for it is they who have made this nation what it is today.
I got a little swamped and all training through this evolution is complete (with no more scheduled), but I shall post my outline for anyone who may wish to use it as a backdrop for your own continued education and training.
Opinions on some of the topics do vary so please combine my thoughts with those of others and your own judgement.
After trying out A LOT of different guns for carry the results are in. A few factors are:
- has to be nice to shoot at the range
- ultra-reliable
- small enough, but not too small
Without further ado the winners are the Ruger SP101 revolver with 2 1/4" barrel and the Glock 19 (Gen 4 in this case, but it doesn't matter).
The Ruger SP101 is flawless, small, not too small and heavy enough to handle recoil with ease. It'll shoot both .357 Magnums and .38 Specials, but .357 Magnums don't seem to make sense in a short barrel. So it's .38 Specials and my carry ammo (although subject to change) is the Remington Golden Saber 125 gr. +P.
There's many different ways to carry something like a small revolver and I went with the Smart Carry. It's not a traditional holster (and not for everyone), but a nice alternative carry mode. Fits well sitting low right in the front which allows for quick access, seating and safe carry.
It's slightly too large for the pocket, but I've given up on pocket carry anyway. I've tried a very long list of pocket guns and they were either too small to shoot comfortably and/or securely, painful to shoot and/or unreliable.
My other selection is the Glock 19 (9mm). 9mm (over .40 S&W) will give you greater capacity, is easier to shoot and ammo is usually (not always) less expensive and more readily available in a greater selection.
My carry ammo of choice for the Glock is 124 gr. Speer Gold Dots or Federal HST. Many will suggest +P ammo, but I’m not so sure that it matters so standard loads are probably perfectly fine.
I like the Com 3 inside-the-waistband holster (HBE LeatherWorks) carried right behind my right hip. Many holster companies make a similar design with none necessarily being overly better than any other. This is a nice design because the belt loops are behind and in front of the body of the holster making it lower profile and more spread out. Some prefer just a simple single clip or loops which can be offset or over the body of the holster and made of leather or kydex. With that, I just ordered the very basic kydex holster from US Grunt Gear.
These are my choices after going through many different guns over the past 20+ years. I always resisted Glocks solely because they're so popular and "boring", but it's pretty clear why they’re so popular. They do tend to shoot great, are very simple, nearly indestructible and nearly 100% reliable. Nothing gets labeled 100%, but Glocks are as close as one can get; I would think.
But, keep in mind that gun selection is a personal choice and yours very well might be (and likely will be) different than mine. And my selections aren't written in stone and are subject to further evolve.
A few others to consider are the CZ 75b (which might be the quintessential 9mm handgun and is large and heavy, but maybe not too large and heavy), the various smaller/lighter CZ 75 variants, the CZ RAMI (for something fairly small) and the Glock 43 single stack 9mm. The Glock 19 has a lot more capacity without being too much larger, but the definite smaller size of the 43 might win some over.
Note that some of the CZ’s come in a “safety” version or a “de-cocker” BD version. The de-cocker might be preferred by some new to shooting because you can presumably safely lower the hammer on a live round, but I wouldn’t ever feel comfortable relying on a mechanical device to do that so I’ll suggest relying solely on the safety between your ears. That one never fails as long as it remains engaged. Then, the version with safety is probably a bit simpler mechanically which I prefer. You’d only use the safety with a cocked hammer which I, personally, don’t do. So it probably doesn’t matter in my case since I wouldn’t use either the safety or the de-cocker. I always leave the chamber empty (which many criticize me for and they’re not wrong, but that’s what I do) and rack the slide when ready to fire.
Safety and Marksmanship
1. Consider all guns loaded at all times even if “100% certain” that they’re not.
2. Know your target and what’s behind it and conduct yourself accordingly.
3. Your finger is on the trigger only when ready to safely fire.
4. No one is forward of the firing line while the range is hot/live.
5. All weapons are unloaded prior to the range going cold (and confirmed so by each shooter) and no one handles any weapon or gear with people forward of the firing line.
6. All weapons are pointed in a safe direction at all times.
There are 4 basic types of handguns (with some variations):
- Single Action/Double Action
- Single Action 1911’s
- Striker-Fired (Glocks, etc.)
- Revolvers
- Proper Stance
- Body Position
- Proper Grip
- Sight Picture/Sight Alignment
- Trigger Control
- Breathing
- Relaxation
Most Common Handgun Calibers:
- .380
- 9mm - I generally stick with 124 gr. and don’t think that +P is necessary
- .40 S&W - 180 gr. (for slightly slower and heavier) , but 165 is also very popular (and similar)
- .45 ACP - 230 gr. is generally the standard and I don’t think that +P is necessary
Gun selection is a personal choice. The best path is to educate yourself from online forums and customer-oriented gun shops that will help you to make the best decision for you. Take your time to make the most educated decision possible.
For cleaning I use (all-in-one) CLP and a very basic cleaning kit and tend to clean a firearm after every trip to the range.
Holsters are another personal choice, but I like Andrews Leather, HBE Leatherworks, US Grunt Gear and Smart Carry. The Ritchie Leather Co. looks pretty good too. The options, though, are endless.

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They're proceeding and the other Democrat supervisor in support is the mother of a victim of the 9/11 terror attacks so the sadness of her support of this is beyond comprehension. It truly reveals their lack of rational thought and just how dangerous and irresponsible they are.
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