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My Father's Peashooter

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I mentioned earlier today in another thread the gun my father used to kill a robber. I thought some of you, especially P95Carry, might want to see what a "real" :yup: handgun looks like.

High Standard .22 magnum derringer.
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Indeed George - thx a lot for posting that. What a gem, and as one might say - quite some provinence!!!

Sweet :smilez: Says something too about 22 mag!
Those Hi Snadards derringers are GREAT GUNS!!! Thanks for posting the pix............. quite a little gem and it's got a huge fireball too........
<wishpering to Chris> Pssssssssssst about 22 mags.......i found a nice Auto mag II in 5 inch bbl.........235.00 and it's all mine hehehe
BTW, American Derringer has started producing the old High Standard derringer .40 S&W, .38 Special, and .22 magnum. Don't know anything about the pricing.

What makes the gun even more special is that it has a history. When I buy Milsup pistols, I always sit and while holding it wonder what history it could tell.

Small and light. The type of gun that you will have on you when the 45 is back home or in the car.
Hello. Kudos to your father for his excellent dealing with those who needed it.

My Hi-Standard .22 magnum was carried a few years as a "last ditch" backup while I was in uniform. It was unobtrusive and not the easiest thing in the world to get accurate hits with, but it was there..

I carried the .22 magnum, but never the .25 Beretta. (I bought it new from a fellow needing money for about $50...if memory serves. I think I've shot it once or maybe twice in the last fifteen or twenty years.) The .22 magnum never was needed against human predators, but I did slay a dangerous Texas Saber Tooth Opposum with it one night while on patrol at the edge of the city limits. It did produce a memorable fireball....

Here it is with a 40-gr. Winchester JHP that I fired into water.

Looking around in my notes, here are some average velocities for the .22 magnum:

Winchester 40-gr. JHP: 1139 ft/sec

PMC 40-gr. JHP: 1162 ft/sec

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Stephen, I see you took the grips off your High Standard. My cousin carries his that way as well. Thanks for the kind words. The full story of my father's encounter are found at:

Included is the info about the ricochet that killed the second robber.

BTW they must grow possums alot bigger where you come from :haha:
Good looking piece there I never said 22 wouldn't work i just said i don't carry one as big as i am i might as well carry a big gun
dr_cmg said:
BTW, American Derringer has started producing the old High Standard derringer .40 S&W, .38 Special, and .22 magnum. Don't know anything about the pricing.
The price list on their site lists the .40 at $500, and .38 at $460.

The .22 mag is $380.

If my old memory serves me right, the first use of a weapon by a CCW permit holder in Kentucky was a .22 mag used to kill a BG exiting a bank. He was in the parking lot and looking for a car to take. The CCW holder was 50+ yds away and got the BG in the neck with one shot. Not recommended at that range, but sure worked that time.
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