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Recently my Fenix LD10 ceased making light. Replaced battery, checked tail cap switch tightness, still didn't make light. Went to the Fenix website and found this link I watched the video and tried all of the fixes, finally after touching the battery and case with a metal object without sucess I decided to e-mail them. Filled out the form and sent. They emailed back and requested that I check the light with the metal object. Informed them that I did and it still didn't work. They responded saying that the head of the flashlight is bad and needs to be replaced. Also the LD10 had been discontinued and they didn't have any replacement LD10 heads :frown:. They followed with they will send me out a head for a LD12 :scruntiny:. Asked for my address and phone number. Provided that and waited. A few days later I inquired on the progress and they responded that they had shipped the LD12 via airmail February 24th. I received it March 3rd. Swapped the head on my flashlight and there was light again! :35:

I like the LD12 head, slightly brighter with push button control on the side of the head. Does not have the S.O.S. feature but I had never had to use it yet. I was hoping to see what a LD12 tailswitch would run so I could gain the momentary on feature but can't find it on their site.

Started the process February 17th, so all in all 2 weeks from reporting the problem to receiving a fix, from China. It cost me nothing except time without usage of the light, which I did miss having several times but no life/death situations. Not too bad IMHO.

Pretty good customer service from a company that offers affordable flashlights for us sub-tier 1 operators :wink:.
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