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My Fobus Ankle Holster

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Fobus Ankle Holster for my Glock 27. Good holster but if you remember, I had a problem with it after I installed my extended mag release. It would get pushed and the mag would pop out.

Well I adjusted it by cutting some of the plastic out of it in the area of the mag release. It works perfect now.

While not a big fan of these because of the slow draw it does have it's place for a special purpose. My drive to work is approximately two hours each way, so I was looking for a comfortable way to carry and due to the fact that I cannot carry at work it goes into the car safe. This holster allows for easy draw while sitting in the car, it is very comfortable and very easy to put on and take off. The retention of this holster is very good and actually needs to be in case you needed to run. Cheap too I think I payed less than 30.00.
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the only ankle holster that i had any luck with my glock 27 is the galco high dollar one. it has a leather holster on a wide band. seems to work better than all others for the g27. ankle holster is a good place for the "backup gun", not for the primary gun.
How do they carry seems like the g27 would be a big gun for ankle carry
I think any glock would be too big for an ankle holster. They seem too wide to carry there if you ask me.
How about some pics Rugerman? Not to much leg though.
OK I'll take some pics after Church today. It hides well with a pair of dockers nobody can see it. It is a bit heavy though. My left leg is getting stronger than the right.
I use the Galco Glove for my G27. Works well and nobody notices.
So I promised some pictures and here they are not very good because it is so dark but that is my Glock 27 in the Fobus ankle holster on in both pics.
That actually looks like it conceals better than I thought it would. Not a bad setup.
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