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My forearm and neck hurt

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I've been recovering from various physical problems over the last couple years (car accident and operations) and couldn't do a lot of physical stuff. I've recently been getting out more and noticed my neck and forearm are really hurting me when I shoot off the bench. IMHO it's because I haven't used those muscles as much as I use to. I was out shooting trap last weekend and my left forearm felt really weak. After 2 rounds of trap, I could barely hold the shotgun up. My neck also felt kinda funny.

Can anyone give me suggestions on how to work these muscles? I have some competition shooting I may be doing in a month and I need the stamina.
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Jamie - putting on my ex-osteopath hat - sounds somewhat to me as tho you have a brachial plexus problem still - with some nerve root effects leading to arm symptoms. Do you get any tingling and/or numbness?

Muscle aspects may count for something but does sound like you may have some neck lesions that need helped. Could be a visit to a local Chiro could help - at least get an opinion.

If you have any report data following the injuries, feel free to PM me with them - it might help me know better what happened at the time and relate that to now.
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