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Glock M29 or 1911—both in 10mm
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There is absolutely NO reason for the government to know what guns you own nor their serial numbers!

I'm very thankful that here in Florida there is no such requirement for listing nor is there a qualification requirement. All of those are merely boondogles to strip you of your hard earned cash.

Suppose an administration comes to power in your state that is virulently antigun? There is the CCW law on the books and they know there's only a faint possibility of getting it rescinded, because generally speaking unless there is a "sunset" clause (like we had with the AWB), once passed laws STAY. But hey, they've got this nifty QUALIFICATION requirement within the law. Changing THAT is a matter of executive privilege. So they re-write the requirements for qualifications and suddenly even Clint Smith can't qualify. Or they raise the costs so high even Trump can't afford them.

There is NOTHING in the 2nd Amendment pertaining to qualifications. That "WELL REGULATED" refers to being of like type and caliber as a matter of logistics rather than a legal term of art. Today it would mean if correctly read, that among their other arms, everybody had to have a military sidearm and an M-4.
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