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September 9, 2009

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I urge you to vote AGAINST Cass Sunstein as the head of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, as I am very concerned about the impact this "Regulatory Czar" would have upon firearms and hunting.

Here in Virginia, the will of the people was confirmed in November 2000, by amending (Article XI, Section 4 of our constitution, relating to the right of the people to hunt, fish, and harvest game.

This kook will do all in his power to end run "Section 4. Right of the people to hunt, fish, and harvest game. -- The people have a right to hunt, fish, and harvest game, subject to such regulations and restrictions as the General Assembly may prescribe by general law."

On the other hand, Sunstein told a Harvard audience in 2007, "we ought to ban hunting." If that were all Sunstein believed, he would be dangerous and extreme, but not necessarily kooky. Unfortunately, in Sunstein's world, animals should have just as many rights as people... and they should be able to sue humans in court!

The voters of Virginia will have nothing to do with support of this

Moreover, he is a firm supporter of gun control. In Radicals in Robes: Why Extreme Right-Wing Courts are Wrong for America (2005), Sunstein says that, "Almost all gun control legislation is constitutionally fine."

Again, he shows his effete disregard for the values of your constituents.

If Sunstein is part of the small minority who opposes licensed concealed carry -- 11% of Americans (according to a Zogby/O'Leary poll in August), association with him is a betrayed of the value of the vast majority of Virginians.

I hope you will understand that Cass Sunstein's views are WAY OUT OF THE MAINSTREAM of Virginian and most of American thought and values" -- hence you should vote NO on this radical, kooky nomination.


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