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My long term thoughts on the CZ-P01.

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I've had a few emails and one phone call from guys in the past week concerning CZs, with the P-01 in particular.

As the founder of CZ

I was keen to get one of the first pistols into the country in 2002.

I had been contacted from the CZ factory and was surprised to see that they
actually used my suggestion of naming this new gun the CZ -P01, at least for
the American, or outside of Czech Republic market.

The (PCR) Police force of the Czech Republic would be carrying the CZ 75D Compact..
which was the same as the P-01 but with different markings.

These new guns allowed them to mount accessories such as a light or laser, in contrast
to their older PCR 9mm pistols that lacked such a rail.

This was my first one of two P-01s and I had it for about 2 years before going to the RAMI 9mm
in 2004.

Fit, function and durability was excellent for a carry pistol that I shot about 500 rounds a month through

my 9mms back then when I reloaded and could also afford to buy ammo.

My carry load was either the Speer 124 gr Gold Dot +P or the also superb Double Tap 147 gr. Gold Dot +P.
it ate everything from South African Police "SENTRY" ammo, to Greek Olympic hardball.

My only modifications were a set of Haken Pek Xtreme Blackout grips, and a set of Nites,

Holster was a simple JIT belt slide from Don Hume if I recall correctly.

I was also shooting a CZ75, 75SA, CZ97B, and two CZ83s along the way but kept the P-01 as my home defense
pistol when the others were in rotation.

Ergonomics were good but not as excellent in all areas as the Pre-Bs or even the 75B in my collection.

I found out, as others..that for normal defensive distances, the P-01 would keep up with the bigger 9mm.40s
and even the .45 but no cloverleaf groups at 25 yards like the bigger brother.

That said:

I had to sell off a few guns, including a couple CZs to help out a relative back then, but vowed that I'd pick another one up
in a year or so.

Well, the RAMI came along and I pretty much stayed with it while playing with Glocks and Rugers for the next few years.

My 75B Stainless was better in ergonomics, but lacked that well- made, but still very deadly euro cop gun look.

The ability to attach a light or laser (or both) for home defense made the P-01 a better choice.

Around 2010 I picked up a new PCR and a P-01 of which I added Crimson Trace laser grips.

Reliability between both guns were equal with a bit of an edge to the P-01 for accuracy, esp. with the light/laser.

It liked the Hornady 115 gr. FTX and also the Double Tap 124 gr. Gold Dot +P loads, along with Hydra-Shoks
and any hardball I could push through the gun.

Like a singer sewing machine..pop. pop. pop!

Holsters for both guns were from HIGH NOON.

There is a reason why the P-01 is such a good seller for CZ.

Awesome reliability with equal durability, and the ability to do most every task very good.

A carry gun, home defense gun and even one you could compete with.

After my Dad's Taurus 92 was stolen, I gave my P-01 to him.

IF your flavor is .40 the P-06 is a good gun for those wanting a proven CZ in a bigger caliber.

The CZ shooting community is growing each day, and it's products like the P-01 that keep people
buying more rifles and pistols.

Feel free to look at all of my CZ and other pics, and Thanks For Thinking CZ!

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The P-01 is hard to beat. A bit large, by comparison to many of today's "compacts." But, as you say, it does most everything very, very well. Extremely reliable, accurate, fairly ergonomic. Eats DoubleTap 9mm JHP 124gr +P ammo all day long, without trouble.

Gotta love such an excellent product.

Nice review. Thanks, CC.
Thanks, nice avatar on your side there!
After that synopsis, I will start saving for the P-01. Hope to pick it up early summer.
I need the sp01 or p01 in urban grey/gray hard to find

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