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I have a G32 (.357 Sig for you non Glockers)

I am planning to buy a baby Glock and have been on the fence for a while now. The G32 makes sense because I can pool ammo, but what if .357 get scarce or more expensive? My only other handgun atm is a .380 which is already scarce and expensive.

Soo the G26 (9mm) was my 2nd thought.

But tonight I had this bright idea. I'm not claiming it's original, but it does open many doors.

I am thinking buy a G27 and then pick up a 9mm conversion bbl for the G32.

That would leave me the following:
G32 with .357 and 9mm option
G27 with .40, .357, and 9mm option

Sounds pretty sweet. I will have a .357, a .40, and a cheap way to shoot both.

Is there a better option than the LoneWolf barrel?

Also, Would you trust a conversion barrel for SD? The only reason I ask is that I may consider loading one w/ 9mm for my wife, the .357 is just too snappy for her to have any sort of descent follow up shot.
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