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My new XD

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Finally got it out of layaway (after 4 weeks, heh heh). Haven't got to shoot it yet but I can't wait! It is quite large for a carry piece but I do have a Cochise Defender IWB on order for it, so we'll see when it comes in if it's manageable.

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Nice, a 5" may be a bit big depending on your body type and size, but should be a nice shooter.
Bigger the better! As long as concealable.

Great - range report to follow (or else) !! :wink:
Don't know if I could conceal one that large but I sure would enjoy shooting it! Have fun!!!:danceban:
Big gun, let us know how it shoots.
B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L ! That's bound to be a good shooter...enjoy your new "child".
A report is in order as soon as you get it to the range.
You can carry this gun in the right attire. I've hade mine for a while now & I'll keep it for a long time!:congrats:

I recently purchased a XD 45 acp, 4 inch Service Model. I fired 150 rounds with it the same day I picked it up. I was so impressed with it I enrolled in the next available CCW permit class. I completed the class this past Saturday with a 100% on the range fire. The pistol shot a real a tight shot group. The instructor asked me to "wiggle the barrel around a little" as my rounds were impacting so close to one another he was having a rough time counting my shots. I have ordered a Glaco SkyOps tuckable holster and plan to carry the XD as my primary.
I've got the 9mm. my friend has the .40. Both are the 4". you will love every minute of your XD, I promise.
Love my XD9. Can't wait to pick up one of the .45 ACPs. Nice choice!
I have a 9, had the .40's and just bought a .45ACP. They are great guns.
I have the sub 9. And its a good shooter. I know youll love the full size. Let us know how it does. Enjoy your new gun.

1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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