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I have carried the little guy for a while now, but have always been less than happy with the way it would get twisted around in my pocket. I have been in the marked for a nice pocket holster for a while, but wasn't happy with the one offered by NAA. Then last week I ran across this little puppy.

The one with the pistol in it is a RH model. It goes in your pocket with the flat side out, so that there is no printing whatsoever.


much more comfortable
no printing
improved access,
storage for 5 more rounds. (or a tightly folded $100 or ???)
can be used in a shirt pocket for Ohio in car carry as long as the butt shows (still looking into this)
"rivets" are actually screws, and can be removed eliminating the large square backing, or to attach something else if you want.
will keep pocket lint out of the gun.


VERY stiff leather (this will improve with use)
ammo pouch is too tight making it difficult to get rounds out (not that this is much of a tactical issue due to the reload time of one of these)

All in all, not bad for around $50

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GS - looks like it does a good job.

Have thought of getting something for mine but still seems I manage just in pocket - either vest or top shirt pocket. Any printing is basically not there - it is just ''something'' in the pocket!

I don't think you mentioned maker. I know Kevin of K&D makes something for the mini.
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