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To quell concern up front this event turned out to be a false alarm item.
Everything is and was fine. My family is and was safe.

But it was a good 'fire drill' as events were unplanned and it was a normal average night...


Last night at quarter to midnight I was in my home office playing Call of Duty 4 with my regular XBox Live friends.
Pretty much my normal activity Monday through Friday as my means to destress.
My office is directly below the living room to the left of the front door by 20'.

As I'm in a game playing and talking with teammates I hear a very loud 'BOOM!!!' followed by silence and then I hear one of my kids crying as through the baby monitor and immediately I hear human footsteps as in a running cadence.

Without thinking about it too much I'd stated calmly into my mic to the XBL guys;

"I've got to go guys. Someone is in my house."
<In retrospect I do not know why I stated that and did so calmly. I just did it and without active pre-thought, which for me is rare and generally unusual.>

I removed my game headset w/mic and reached for a handgun that I keep stored day and night under lock in an gasketed ammo can.
It was this night my SA 1911-A1 9MM. It has a Dawson Precision FO front sight and an OEM SA adjustable target rear sight.
I always keep a second reserve magazine in the ammo can along with the gun regardless of what gun might make into that cans rotation. Typically it's the gun I carried for the day or I select one at random if I have no plan to leave the house on a given morning.

The gun is stored as cocked & locked within a holster.
Ammunition this time was Corbon DPX 115 gr. +P JHP.
This is my normal street carry ammunition. Not for HD use.
But this night it was what was there.

As per my norm the ammo can had been unlocked by me and the left with it's top open and the lock left hanging off the side of the can.
My 1911 was holstered in a leather pancake holster that I rarely use and thus it's fit was tight.
I went to hold the holster with my left hand and tug the gun out of it but it got stuck. So I just yanked it hard. The edge of the rear sight tore a quarter inch divot of skin and meat from the meaty part behind the thumb as within the palm of my hand. I felt this and it hurt. I actively with purpose suppressed it as pain and grabbed my spare magazine. I stowed it in my left rear pocket.

As I stood up I realized I was wearing socks.
The basement floor is a smooth finished and sealed poured concrete. It's quite slick. We have throw rugs down for now with a plan to put in carpeting soon. So I make my move to the stair leading up to the main floor which opens via a door into the kitchen. The stairs are wooden and do thump & creak so I had a thought to myself of "Be careful..Be stealthy".

Next problem was as I looked up at the kitchen door I thought to myself; "That is a fatal funnel."
If the door were to swing open as I scale the stairs I have no place to go or disappear into.
For a fleeting moment I thought to go out the sliding patio door and come around through the backyard to the garage door entrance but that sucks up time and places me in an even larger and longer funnel.
I pressed forward with my firearm now in a two hand hold at an intermediate low ready position.

I stand at the door for a moment and I hear more foot movement but no voices. I could not discern where the movement was coming from.

I opened the door slowly.
Peered through the crack and so no change in lighting as I had left the kitchen and heard no sounds.
I opened the door far enough to clear my body sideways and _sprinted_ myself across tile flooring as into the kitchen past our oversize (Height and depth) refrigerator thinking that it would provide me some degree of cover as I attempt to make it to the doorway for the dining room.
I did not look backward behind me to check the kids play room as located directly opposite and rear my position. On the fly my thought was if 'They' are in their then They would have to chase and/or fire after/at me through dim lighting with just 1 sec. of real time to view me and take a shot before I make it into the living room behind drywall concealment as is to the hard right.

I made it and heard no sounds at all.
Gun is now being held one handed at the intermediate low ready.
I listen for more noise and hear a voice up stairs and my daughter is no longer crying.
I look left back around the corner from where I came then check forward of my position through a double wide pocket door entry to the living room. The window coverings are open as normal and I see my car parked out front on the street as I'd left it on Sunday.
I note no other vehicles in view which is normal for my small and quiet cul de sac.

I quickly shoot myself forward into the living room and and thinking on the fly "USE COVER!...Prepare to be stabbed or grabbed.".
The whole time my trigger finger is and remains indexed. I recall recognizing this as I went through a mental check toward that.
I actually thought about it as I was in the process of trying to be quiet as I ran & slid staying on the pads of my feet and off the heels which are what make foot stomp sounds.

From the far right corner of the living room I can see that the front door is not kicked in.
I fully expected to find my front door opened. It surprised and then concerned me that it was not.
I thought possibly They closed the door back behind them to conceal their entry as from the outside.
Again I went through a mental check on the fly thinking of the layout of the upstairs floorplan.

I get to the coat closet adjacent to the front door and stop.
I listen more for sounds and now I hear whispering.

I think to myself that I have to scale another rise of stairs equal in run to that from the basement. It terminates at a three way junction:

* Directly to the front at the top of the stair is the MBR door which is always open.
* Behind that is the door to the master bath with it's door always open.
* To the hard right of the MBR doorway is our bedroom.
* To the hard left of the stair is a long hallway approximately 30' long with my kids bedrooms to the left staggered A and B followed by my wifes office in the spare bedroom at the end of the haul as C. The kids bathroom is directly across from bedroom B, where my daughter sleeps. She's 6.

At the bottom of the stair I make a choice to go secure one of the two flashlights I keep in my bedroom as a primary priority.
This may seem odd but my thought was that my wife will per her own instinct immediately leap up and go to the children. She will not think or no to do anything otherwise. They will take her and the kids as one.
I need ability to see Them so that I can take precision aimed fire with success. I decide to go get light.

I scale the stair slow and stealthy same as I had the basement stair.
My firearm is off safe now as I recall noting this as it was in my strong hand. My weak hand is at my left elbow bent and fist balled tight ready to punch or block if necessary.
I notice that I am not breathing hard, my strong hand is not clinched as is a common human reaction to fear, and I note that I feel my normal mode of relaxed even as I'm contemplating being hurt or seeing my family being held and hurt. I note to myself this is odd and not an average person norm. These off focus thoughts last less than a second total.

I make it to the top of the stair.
Scan forward into the MBR...Miami Vice my head forward to quick scan left the long hallway...And then I stand for a full second to listen for sounds. I hear voices in my daughters bedroom at the far end of the hallway.
I sweep right VERY fast into the MBR totally expecting resistance.
I see nothing. My night vision at this point is very keen. Everything is grey scale but I can see without a problem. I'm wearing my glasses and think to myself expect to lose them and/or be punched in the face. Been there done that many times and yes it hurts but I have good ability to suppress sharp and sudden pain.

I make a bee line to the nightstand and take hold of my Gladius light.
There is a triple D cell Maglight stored at the base of my bed but I choose the Gladius simply because it's lighter and has a strobe. I actively am thinking this and make that decision on the fly as I reach for the Gladius.

I take it to hand and immediately ducked down behind the bed for concealment.
I thumb the Gladius rotating on/off to On/low light using my off hand. I am listening for sounds from our MB closet or the bonus room on the opposite wall of our bed.
I hear no noise.

I'm now beginning to think this may be a false alarm.
Maybe my wife got up to check on the kids and that was all.
Maybe one of the kids woke up in their sleep.
But what was that BOOM!!! noise?

I decide to continue but not get loose/sloppy.
I again very quickly accelerate and with a fast walk run back to the MBR door and Miami Vice view the hallway, bobbing my head out quickly and then back in to listen. I hear whispering. I can't tell whose voice it is though.

I enter the hallway with the Gladius light set to low light full on.
The lights momentary is programmed to full/100% and the strobe is same.
I toggle the light using the master on/off and have it held in a Harries hold but am using it in a Chapman style.
My gun is at a low ready finger still indexed and frame safety off.

I lead first with a blip of light low at the floor looking for feet/shoes and legs. I don't go high so as to not ruin my night vision.
I'd actively thought to do this as in real time.
Next I blip again at where my sons bed is located. He's there knocked out asleep in a normal for him looking position. I note no blood. I actually thought on the fly look for blood or a sign of impact wound.

Next I am at the mid point of the hallway and it's got cross illumination from the night light in the kids bedroom.
I switch the flashlight to off and swing the gun to my right leg rear so as to obscure it from persons in the room. My thinking in the moment was if this is a non emergency I don't want to alarm my daughter no scare my wife, who HATES guns.
I again note that my finger is indexed.

I Miami Vice view the room and see my daughter lying in bed with my wife next to her whispering; "It's okay just go back to sleep".

My next thought is how do I dispose of the gun as I'm not wearing a holster nor a belt.
I think to stow it Mexican as between my pants and my right glute and I purposefully expand my abs and squeeze tight my butt to retain it. I have no belly/gut to speak of as relative to males my age.

My wife steps out seeing me and I ask if she's okay.
She replies that she's fine. She was asleep and fell out of her bed in her sleep.
I smile and rotate my body to allow her to pass me so as to not reveal what's stowed in my pants.
I walk behind her and head back down stairs. I felt fine.

All of this took less than 3 minutes time.
I returned expecting to have been auto-kicked from the game for player inactivity by the computer but that did not occur. The guys were even still playing in the same map (!).

I got back on and they asked "Did you shoot anybody?".
I replied nope false alarm.
They then asked what did I do?
To which I replied flatly; "I just followed my training".


Now I'd intended to post this last night just after it occurred but decided to wait and instead post event review my actions, thoughts, and feelings first.

* I'm not surprised at myself that I remained calm and methodical about my actions.
I've never even as a child been excitable. I have a steady even keel personality by nature. I don't have to try at it.

* Normally I keep one of my .45s down here they are loaded with Winchester 'Personal Protection' 230 gr. JHP in specific for HD. Teh Corbon is too hot for HD use. I chastise myself mentally for being caught and being lazy on that item.
A lesson learned; Do not bring this gun down for night duty.

* What if I did choose to exit and re-exit through some other means for reasons of best tactical efficiency and surprise. I was wearing stocking feet.
I need to keep an old pair of easy to slip into shoes or boots in my office for such contingencies.
Also toes break easy when stomped on in a fight.

* I totally did not think to grab my cell phone as along with my gun!
It was sitting right there on my desk. I should have pocketed it before heading out. What if I'd been injured and/or left for dead or we needed to barricade into a room?
Lesson learned.

* I was feeling good that most all of my motions, actions, and decisions on movement occurred as what to me felt natural and without internal conflict as in 'OMG what do I do now?'.
I had no real mental thought on the fly of feeling unsure of what to do. Choices came up and I made decisions as based on training prior and acquired knowledge including the night view layout of my house.

* My wife is very predictable.
Her actions though could and likely would prove to require from me precision shooting AND being able to remain calm as I do so....Without regard to what I might hear, see, or experience in the immediate moment.

* A shotgun at close range would be difficult to employ so as to counter OPFOR amongst the sleeping areas if/when they take hostages.
Cylinder choke is a no go. A full turkey type choke would be optimal so as to make precision shots against partially exposed OPFOR targets.

* Fluid movement with stealth is a necessity.
I made note of shadows and dark areas as I moved into and from them.
Our refrigerator is all black with a glass exterior cover. It looks like the 2001 Space Odyssey monolith in partial and low light.
I thought of it as such and used it for concealment and partial cover in real time.
Never before have I specifically trained at home to think of it as such. That observational thought in the immediate came from my sub-conscious. Interesting.

* Training is key.
I dry fire practice in and around (exterior) my home regularly using air gun/walk around, my kids squirt guns, and inside my real guns using Snap Caps.
This made me feel far more comfortable and _confident_. As well I have taken real and professional training of same toward house clearing using Simunitions. That too gave me great confidence.

BTW my hand it bled very badly. The wound is deep.
I got blood on my shirt and pant leg.
After consciously making the decision to block and ignore the pain I never felt it again until I sat back down in my office chair and noted my hand being bloody. Then it in an instant hurt like hell.
Interesting as well.

Well that's my story and reflection.
Thank goodness I didn't find myself in a position to have to shoot anybody.

I post this only to share a real world experience toward real and actual action as based on what I very much assumed and thought to have been a real and serious emergency.

With that as per forum norms in this area, please do feel free to run a post event analysis.
Contrary to some folks view there is no 'Monday Morning Quarterback' action going on in doing so. It is smart and wise to run a post even t review to _LEARN_ from the gaffes and errors ones self makes and that of others. It's learning by proxy.
A normal activity in business, law enforcement circles as related to training and officer survival as well as military action too.
Not to do so and learn from mistakes is flat out foolish.

- Janq

P.S. - This is not the first time I've heard bumps in the night around my home and suspected there might be a problem to which I've reacted.
This though was the first HIGH/RED alert type situation to occur as based on the sensory input I had available by sound alone.
Thus the reason for my first time post of same in this area.

Edit: Folks have been confused.
The entire effort as from start to finish with _return_ back down two stories to my office chair was "less than 3 minutes time". As in TOTAL time.
I did not take 3 minutes to get from start to my daughters room. Just to clarify.

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Glad it was nothing more. Fourth paragraph, along with your preface, told me a kid fell out of bed. Been there.:yup:

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Thanks for the story, Janq. I also found it comforting when you mentioned that your wife hated guns. It's something that I have to deal with as well, which includes moving guns around the house and concealing so that she doesn't know.

Congratulations on staying calm. Some of us are just wired to become very calm during situations of high stress. You'll never know if you're this type of person until you get tested, and of course one can only hope that they're never tested. I found this out during weapons-drawn boardings during my Coast Guard days. I don't know if you can get that from training.

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:lol: ^^ [oldogy]


We talked it about it more this morning, my wife and I.
My daughter is six and my son three.
This was the first time ever we've had a kid fall out of bed in their sleep.

To my grave I will take this though and not share as much with my wife.
Why? Because she'll see it through her own eyes as OMG you're just gun crazed and could have shot up the whole haus!!!

She freely admits having been programmed by TV, media, and movies as related to guns and gun owners.
But finds is relatively difficult to be re-programmed even as she's lived with me 16 yrs. now.

You only get one chance. :|

- Janq

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Agreed WHEC.

You just are or you aren't, as inside.

I am and have shown/experienced same many times through life to the point that I no longer question myself on as much...During a fight...avoiding and riding out a vehicular wreck...Not flipping out upon being talked to wrongly by crazy acting persons as on the streets and more.

But still when sh.. does occur, afterward I always have a sense of surprise at how calm and genuinely relaxed I'd felt in the moment.
Focused and concerned but relaxed, not anxious or out right afraid/terrified.

I feel very good though about most importantly having _sub-consciously_ adhered to my training as most basically related to proper and safe albeit combat directed firearms handling. Reassuring to say the least.

- Janq

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Have you thought of keeping a flashlight in the ammo can with your weapon? I keep flashlights stored all over the place.

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Thanks Janq. Lessons noted from your warrior mindset. The flesh wound will just turn into another battle scar. I use Fobus paddles for arm's length storage, as they're cheap and can be clipped on skivies. Also, rubber soled moccosins are never far from me if I'm not wearing them around the house. (in a few months it'll be mucklucks 24/7...brrr) There's a flashlight and knife in my pockets 24/7. The fridge makes great cover, esp if it's full of hopsicola...something to use to celibrate an alls-well-that-ends-well after a bump in the night.

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I forgot to mention that Brady.

Yes I had past tense and last nights event has NOW brought it to the fore.
It will be done before the week is out. A necessity, and kept stored in my office same as the other two are never removed from my night stand. Even my kids know not to touch them nor play with them.

Another item.
I never paid attention toward nor looked for my front sight.
All of my handgun engagement was at the waist/hip area and in low to no light areas. Going to full extension would be very dangerous if in fact an intruder had been in my home at any point where I'd traveled. Retention alone is critical.
Also I actively had concern for sweeping my wife as I immediately thought and accepted that she might be 'placed' anywhere and in anyway.

I'd immediately without planned thought reverted to my training as related to low ready indexed aiming.
If possible yes I would fire as aimed using the front sight as from behind concealment if not hard cover, if available which in my house is minimal (refrigerator) to non-existant.

I also forgot to mention that my thought was not to turn on the hall light (!).
I found that odd as well. On the one hand my brain leapt to and with no pause accepted the factoid (a false truth) that I had a multiple attacker encounter. I assumed multiple because I have always trained to expect two Bgs minimum rather than just one.
But I had not thought that this might be a false alarm. Further I had thought sub-consciously, as based on my actions, to not turn the hall lights on so as to not wake up my kids if this was in fact a false alarm!
The two contradict each other. Interesting as well.

Additionally I noted last night that I never got my heart rate or respiration up, and I literally had not perspired a drop even as I was moving very fast and exerting myself. I was dry.
I figure that is a reflection of my health conditioning as well as simply an adjustment in attitude per past real and not so good in the end experiences. An unfortunate bonus of sorts by way of psychological conditioning.

- Janq

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Thank you for posting that.

There are many lessons in your scenario, and I'm not going to MMQ them, as I feel that you would do better at that given that you know the layout of your house, family members and yourself better than I do. I was struck by one very important truism that you posted though,

I never paid attention toward nor looked for my front sight.
That's why I'm a fan of a lazer. This is what I would consider a "dry run" or false alarm. At the time you thought it was real, and reacted accordingly. You now have the ability to critique your performance, which is something anyone should do if they hope to learn from their expiriences. I do it all the time. It doesn't make you perfect, but it just might give you the "edge" you need in the future.

The home is one place I don't believe in avoidance as a general rule. You are responsible for other innocent parties and have a responsibility to defend others that either can't or won't defend themselves. I'm glad that this was a false alarm and that you have the ability to learn from what happened and improve upon your actions for next time. That, to me, is one of the marks of a professional, whether they receive a salary for it or not.

I'm glad you're OK and your family too. Take care and stay safe. Thank you again for posting this. The next time may be "for real" and this allows you to better prepare. I hope that others can learn from this as it is very informative.

I just want to add, I keep a communication device, cell phone, and illumination device with the handgun that I use to search for that "bump in the night". The light is in my hand on a Lanyard, and the phone clips to my underwear if I'm dressed so.



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Thank you Biker. :)

Normally every night I take my cell with me upstairs to sit on my night stand.
It's my morning alarm clock and I am one of two people on the call list for a building alarm company toward an organization that I am a board member of.

My Gladius has a very long lanyard OEM, maybe 4' long.
It stays attached to the light for the very reason you state.
Last night I looped my hand through it for retention as I've done a hundred times during home based dry fire practice. Funny how none of that stuff in the immediate is a conscious thought. I didn't have to tell myself to do it...It just got done as automatically. I only recognized it as such consciously.

One of my other three handguns, also 1911s but both 45 ACP, are kept in a quick access lock box as at my bedside along with three spare magazines and a full box of Corbon DPX ammo in the event the cops don't arrive for 20 minutes rather than 2.
As well I store my OC/CS in that as well during the night.

I just need to duplicate that in full down here in my office.
Error & weakness recognized and lesson learned.

I'd reserved in my mind the 3xD cell MagLight in specific as an impact weapon in the event I'm attacked as in our bedroom at pillow to the face distance.
It's kept down low and within my arms reach as when lying down.
In addition to several EDC and survival knives I keep stored in my nightstand drawer as amongst my holsters and other carry gear.

I hope my "dry run" experience proves useful if not thought provoking for others, such as at this thread;

- Janq

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"As I'm in a game playing and talking with teammates I hear a very loud 'BOOM!!!' followed by silence and then I hear one of my kids crying as through the baby monitor and immediately I hear human footsteps as in a running cadence."

You posted you heard this and your first thought was to grab a weapon and clear your way to your kids room? You didn't think that maybe the crying kid fell out of bed or happened to get up and tripped? You didn't think that your wife was the one running? Maybe you need to stop playing video games. I can see being prepared and grabbing a pistol but come on taking 3 minutes to get to your child could have been bad. What happens if your wife wasn't there and the kid had stopped breathing while you were playing cop? I think that sometimes we let our paranoia get to us and cloud our sound judgment. You can be careful and safe and then there is paranoid. Glad you didn't have to shoot anyone.

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The light is in my hand on a Lanyard, and the phone clips to my underwear if I'm dressed so.


Gee Biker, thanks for that mental image. :gah:

Those are both things that might be needed, depending on the layout of the house/apartment, and you don't want to have to go around looking for them when you should be focusing on other things. I think Janq's post probably brought that point home for some.

Good post Janq, glad it was just a dry run for you though. And glad you were able to keep your wife from riding your behind for the next week or so by not letting her know just what you were doing for real.

I guess I am glad that I live in a house that is a single story that doesn't have choke points or any real funnels that would cause some of the concerns that you experienced during this scenario.

Janq, one question I have. Is there a reason that you don't leave your gun on and holstered while at home? Or was it simply for comfort reasons, being the time of night it was that you had already taken it off for the day while doing the video play thing?

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Read down further...We've never had either kid fallout of bed. It's a new occurrence.
I had no association what so ever with that noise to a kid falling out of bed.
I have though heard several times that of a door being kicked in or by attempt as per past experiences living as a teen and child in areas completely opposite of how I live today, as in the middle of the night.
No doubt that 'learning' came to for with my sub conscious mind as well.

As to three minutes, it was three minutes _total_ as from start to being seated back in my chair across three stories. It was not a three minute tango from start to making it into my daughters bedroom. That would be far too long a time frame.

If my wife were not there and my daughter had stopped breathing I'd have been there in more than enough time to attend to her and begin CPR.
Again it was _less than three minutes_ as a total.

As to cops, I could have dialed 911 and sat pat in the basement or evac'd out the sliding glass door roughly 12 ft. from my chair as I sit here typing this.
Neither was a viable option. If I were home alone though, guess what I would have done ...and have done twice before under similar that's not normal at all bump in the night sounds as amongst my house.

In regard to paranoia, I could see how a person might think that.
But then in kind I would and do counter that thought with THIS.
I don't have desire nor interest in a memorial peace garden being formed in my community to help neighbors and strangers to me 'heal' from their own mental wounds of that can't and doesn't happen here thoughts & emotions.
Not on my watch...And if I have any thing to say about the matter.
My thoughts and emotions are I'm going down with my ship if it comes to that. My kids get rescued by me and then 911 comes to rescue us all, if they arrive in time AND I have means to contact them for a request.
I do not state so with intent to be glib. I'm just being matter of fact and honestly truthful about my feelings on that matter.

I too am very glad I didn't have to shoot anyone....!

I'd thought about the repercussions of as much in my sleep and again this morning while in the shower.
My children seeing their 'Da-Da' kill a person...In their home where they feel safest amongst a guy they think of as nothing more than a fun guy who will try to shoo bees out an open window and explain to them(the kids) their importance in nature rather than kill them out right. The trauma for that to their psyche.
Plus I'm in MA. I'd automatically be detained and cuffed if not arrested regardless of the circumstances. I had a busy work day today. Projects in play requiring completion. I'm the top level boss. My clients and my employees depend on me, literally. They very much would be inconvenienced.
And my wife. As anti-gun, I've never heard of anyone needing a gun, and staunchly we don't need guns in the house positioned as she is...She would be devastated.
This is serious business. With very serious consequences to endure. Regardless of the circumstance.
That bothers me deeply. Yet still I will do what has to be done. I won't like it nor enjoy it nor wish for the opportunity, as I have noted among some other folks (!). But if tested I will not fold; Win, lose or draw.
Again, just being matter of fact and honestly truthful about my feelings and view.

I am not at all a tough guy nor a wannabee police.
If I'd desired drama I'd move my family a few miles west to Springfield, MA or better yet back to where I grew up, Washington D.C. and PG County, MD.

Not gonna happen. Period. Not on my watch.
I don't want my wife and kids seeing what my mom and sister did and experiencing what I have, a lifetime ago.

- Janq

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What about calling 911, telling them you heard a noise in the house and are armed, and then clearing the house? You'd have probably been done and then been able to stow your weapon before they even arrived.

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...I guess I am glad that I live in a house that is a single story that doesn't have choke points or any real funnels that would cause some of the concerns that you experienced during this scenario.

Janq, one question I have. Is there a reason that you don't leave your gun on and holstered while at home? Or was it simply for comfort reasons, being the time of night it was that you had already taken it off for the day while doing the video play thing?
Farron we moved last August.

My last house before this had five stories above ground and a sixth at grade with a french basement. It was a nightmare scenario location to review and defend.
I actually hired a professional I know, who is a former LEO detective grade, to come to my home and help me plan out means to evac under select night time invasion scenarios. A turn of the century mega house it was that I'd bought with a commercial intent but wound up selling commercially for profit.
That house gave me bad dreams at night. This house now being modern built ('90s) and more normal is far easier to deal with. Though it too has a number of choke points as due to it's floor layout. It's a house rather than far easier to review gymnasium, or teepee. :|

As to home based carry I normally do carry around the house, on body. But not always.
Like yesterday if I'm scheduled to be home all day and in my home office then I'll not carry and just keep the ammo can MA lawful storage container unlocked and at my feet...lid ajar.
Other times if I have been out of the house I'll just on body carry all day into the night.
Last night I simply had not been out so my gun was in the ammo can and I had no belt on because well I wasn't going anywhere to need one.
In hindsight I'll keep a cheap belt clip holster down here because it was a real and immediately serious issue of where to stow the gun now that the event was cold. By MA law never mind common sense I can't just toss it in the towel closet and think to come back for it later.
Yet another lesson recognized and learned.

- Janq

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What about calling 911, telling them you heard a noise in the house and are armed, and then clearing the house? You'd have probably been done and then been able to stow your weapon before they even arrived.
Good question.

I could have done that and then gone to work as in parallel at the same time, in the immediate.
That would have been a fine thought and action to take.
Further I may follow that in the future.

This time around though, phone wasnot at all on my mind.
My wireless work phone was sitting in the charger directly in front of me. A secondary wireless house line extension was sitting in it's charger on the wall next to the door to exit my office. Plain sight view.
And my cell was literally on my desk next to my PCs rollerball mouse.
Phone never entered my mind at all. It should have though!

Again if I were home alone, I'd have walked out and evcd to the rear yard. I have literally done that before in the night and day upon hearing odd noise...while armed.
I sweep around to either side and front to visually check for exterior security and confirm all is well before rentering at the main or side door and go back to doing what I was doing.

This time though evac/flee was not an acceptable option.
So I made my choice as I saw best in the immediate, as based on past experiences, learning, knowledge of my area, and overall training.

- Janq

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I remember the first time my daughter fell out of her bed. And I remember the BOOM.
I was at the computer, which is directly opposite the wall by the head of her bed, my husband was laying on the couch, 90 degrees to the left of me and about 2.5 feet away.
We both heard it, neither of us are deaf, and cripes it was loud. He bolted out the front door and around to the side of the house, think the neighbor had run into the house with the car. I bolted around the corner into her room(two left turns and about 15 feet total travel). There she was lying on the floor sound asleep. Asleep soundly, not crying, no visible injury, just sleeping. I picked her up, put her back in the bed and checked for any cuts, bruises, scrapes, nothing she was fine. She refused to believe what I told her the next morning, she still swears to this day, she didn't fall out of the bed.

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Yeah, it wasn't just a was BOOOOM! ^^

I've never heard such a sound/noise come from within my own home ever.
I'm shocked it sounded as loud as it did to me two floors below...

Right now today it's funny to me and laughable.
In the moment though, not so much.

- Janq

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Thanks for posting. Glad it was a non-incident.

I think it is interesting that you took the slow and cautious approach to making your way upstairs. The alternative would be to grab whatever was needed quickly and run upstairs.

In the event that someone was attacking your daughter when you heard the first bump, 3 minutes is an painfully long time to reach her. If you had grabbed your stuff and ran up there how long would it have taken? 30 seconds? 45 seconds with getting the flashlight?

Those first decisions we make are often the most important.

I would venture you are that way in life too... you are not impulsive type. We are who we are, even under stress.

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I added an edit to my OP so as to resolve apparent confusion by readers:

Edit: Folks have been confused.
The entire effort as from start to finish with _return_ back down two stories to my office chair was "less than 3 minutes time". As in TOTAL time.
I did not take 3 minutes to get from start to my daughters room. Just to clarify.
Correct though, I am not an impulsive type.
I'll make a decision and act on the fly.

But I very rarely ever act without either thinking it through or thinking as I'm doing or as I experienced in part here through sub-conscious command thought as per prior training.

Training as related to this or a sport or operating an automobile or dealing with clients at work who very often tend to flip-out as a first reaction to an eventuality. :)

- Janq
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