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R U a Machinist? If so, you can place the Ruger in a fixture, (which you can easlily make from drilling some material on a lathe) Then take the weapon, place it upside down, and SLOWLY mill away the underlug portion of the Barrel. This operation will save you TONS of hours, and will look very professonal too. ( I was working as a Machinist for a very long time, and also doing this kinda stuff for my friends who wanted to "customize" they revolvers. You can then take the Dremmel and finish it off the way you wish. Just a little bit of good info for ya there Dude :biggrin:
Either way you perform the task, I'm looking forward to seeing your final work of art :biggrin: Just don't get frustrated if the metal doesn't come off as quickly as you with. BTW, Dremmels rotate at such a high speed, that if you're using a cutter, they tend to jump and chatter. Watch yer fingers!
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