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Although not a story one would expect with the title, shots were fired near local school near my former residence today. This is in one of the IA counties where the "may issue" law means No issue unless you are one of those chosen worthy by the county Sheriff.

Not sure how this could have happened, since it is illegal to have a loaded gun in a vehicle or on a person in this county.

Good luck to those in Iowa trying to change may issue to shall issue. I am just glad no one was hurt this time, doubly glad I have moved to a Shall issue state.

Shots were fired this afternoon near Sioux City North High School.

The school resource officer told KMEG*14 the incident happened just after three pm. An anonymous person, possibly a student, threw a rock at a pick-up on Cheyenne Boulevard. Police say a man got out of the truck and turned toward the person who allegedly threw the rock. Investigators have talked with witnesses who say they heard a gun go off.

Police released a surveillance video that showed a new black Ford pickup with an extended cab. It has chrome step rails and blue writing in the back.
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