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I don't know how many Nebraskans are on this forum since NE has
no CCW permit system, but I thought I would post this anyway.

We are trying to get a CCW Permit system in place (yet again).
The bill that will accomplish this has been dubbed lb454. Many of us
do not like some of the language in LB454 and do not support the bill
for those reasons.

If those deficiencies can be remedied it could be a halfway decent
bill. The place to effect those changes is in the Judiciary
Committee, before it gets to the floor. To do that the citizens most
concerned with the content of the bill MUST be in attendance and
present credible information as to why it should be changed.

It will not work to our favor if we all show up and make our own
presentations without any co-ordination. All we would be doing for
the most part is repeating what each other is saying.

Organization is key. Each individual will only have 3 minutes to
speak, each of us needs to prepare a speech on one of the specific
topics and address that one item. In that way we cover all of the
areas of contention AND we are not redundantly boring the committee
into ignoring us.

With that thought in mind there will be a meeting for any and all persons
interested in speaking before the Judiciary
Committee on LB454.

Saturday afternoon was selected as there is a gunshow in town that
day and hopefully that will have many of the people interested in the
subject in town or in the area anyway.

For more information as to the time & location, please email me at:
[email protected]

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I hope the grassroots approach works for you guys in NE. Best of luck Mr Omaha.

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Given the crime statistics in states that have CCW, they should be able to see the benfits fairly easily. Good luck out there in Nebraska. :hand:

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Given random chance and the fact that CCW is an issue for each state, it seems logical that there would be some states where it's totally banned.

How did Nebraska become this way (or remain this way when 40+ other states have made changes toward CCW)?
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