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That's really going to depend on you and the finish you choose. I have cold blued a couple of guns and was never happy with the finish. I have rust blued a couple and it takes forever, but I was very pleased with the result.

This was a very rusty Ruger single six. I chose a satin rust blue to hide some of the pitting that I was not able to remove. This was about seven years ago, and with daily use it still looks as good today as it did then. It is a tough finish. My next project is a 1911 for my son that he wants Dura Coated flat black. I need an air brush setup to do it right. So till I get the right setup his gun is cold blued. In about another month Ill bead blast it and finish it right.
Another easy finish to do at home is black oxide or Parkerising. It can be done in black, grey, or green. It doesn't take much equipment to do a nice job, So home gunsmiths have been doing this for years.
Post up a pic of yours and we can tell if your finish will be easy to duplicate or not. Good luck DR
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