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Need an OWB Kydex holster as an option

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As you can see by the picture below I sometimes carry in a Don Hume OT and I also have a Desantis. My primary carry holster is a Crossbreed Supertuck and I love it but sometimes my pants are too tight for IWB or I just want to carry OWB.

I am looking for a Kydex OWB holster that really hugs the body and doesn't print. I can already tell you that some of you are going to say Serpa and there is no way in hell. I tried the serpa and it stood way to far off my belt (I tried both the paddle and belt attachments) and looked like I had a Toyota on my hip after I put on my cover garment.

File photo from desantis website
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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