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Need help finding Summer carry method!!

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ok, so I have a glock 23 that i usually carry with a OWB slide holster which works great as well as a couple IWB holsters that work well also as long as i wear a jacket or really loose fitting shirt. Summer is coming fast and I really don't want to be walking around with the extra layers of clothing not to mention looking akward and possibly obvious. I have a really bad body shape for packing my gun.. I am a large build and have a larger mid section and large legs so what im finding trouble with is that when i try to conceal without a jacket the buldge of the gun is just completley there and visable due to the fact my bottom half is wider than the top. Like a pear i suppose haha. I just bought a galco sky ops and its absolutly wrong for me. The holster actually sits just about right, the cant is perfect, but the clip system pokes way out through the shirt. Not really giving away that i have a gun, but jsut looking strange. Like a little claw poking out. I also have a good shoulder rig, but back to needing a jacket. Any ideas, tips or anyother guys with the same problem that found a solution? Any help would be great. Thanks guys!
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Welcome Rich :smilez:

Well yeah, pear shape is a problem with minimal cover. I use OWB all time and in summer use a Smith & Alexander vest as cover, but I am opposite build so no probs.

I wonder if you could still manage a very lightweight vest but maybe convert to a chest type bellyband - forget the name. It acts like a sho rig but is way less bulky and IIRC is white color.

Could be too - you may have to consider downsizing the piece. I always reckon first off - dress to conceal but if it ain't workin' then only other option is often downsize and go pocket carry.

I have real probs with summer heat (even up here) but do find the vest only a small extra layer and it does the job - my OWB is a K&D Defender which holds gun in real tight and if at 3.00 o'clock - no printing problems.
perhaps your clothing choices need to change. Loose fitting shirts or maybe check out the 5.11 shirts. Thye hidden pocket in the chest might work for ya. Finally , check out these deep concealment shirts.
I have a build like you describe and live in Fla where it is summer most of the year. I have two solutions. A good IWB holster and gun belt with a tucked in Tee shirt and a light, open cover shirt or a good pocket holster. My major problem is that my britches keep wanting to go south. The solution to the southbound problem - a good pair of suuspenders (Chris I think you call them braces, don't you.)
A good IWB, a good gunbelt, t-shirt and an oversized Hawaiian shirt works for me (6'3, 290). I use the Hawaiian shirts because the bold and loud print helps in concealment.

...or guayabera shirts

I heard that these were popular among larger built guys. Anyone use?
Just like witherspoon said a good IWB would work. I just ordered a COM3 from Erik Larsen with a low ride height, and a 3:30 location. Check him out, and I'm sure he will give you all the info and recomendations you need.
I live and work in Florida and carry everyday. I use a top of the line IWB with casual office attire shirt tucked in.
Bought a vest from Concealed Carry Clothiers last week. Ordered it on the web Friday and got it in the mail Monday! It's their Tropic vest, so it's pretty lightweight. Seems to work well either with my IWB or OWB holsters.
Rich68xr7 said:
I heard that these were popular among larger built guys. Anyone use?

The VM-2 is a very good holster. Lightning Arms Sports:

keeps Sparks items in stock. It's a little more than a direct purchase from Sparks, but no wait. They are really good folks to deal with.

Chris made a comment about "down-sizing" your piece. I agree. I know nothing of your finances, of course, but you will probably find that a slimmer framed pistol to be very helpful. I carry 1911's exclusively (job related, so all day, every day, everywhere), but I'm not recommending that as an only option. If you prefer a 9 or a .40 there are many, many, good options in a slimmer frame. Read Steve Camp's website for really good, no B.S. guntests, ammo tests, choices, etc.

Have fun!
Rich68xr7 said:
I heard that these were popular among larger built guys. Anyone use?
Trust me they work. I'm a big guy and this is how I conceal a full size Glock 21 IWB during the summer months. Your local Wally World probably has a good selection of them right now. Go stock up.
rocky said:
perhaps your clothing choices need to change. Loose fitting shirts or maybe check out the 5.11 shirts. Thye hidden pocket in the chest might work for ya. Finally , check out these deep concealment shirts.

These are a really awesome idea !! Does anyone use these ?? If so how are they ??
Im on The gulfcoast of Texas , Summer about 10 months of the year , Im not in the best of shape and I carry a 1911 . not that hard to conceal,When I go to deep cover I carry a bond arms .45\ .410 derringer.
Yes Kansas and they work.

kansas_shooter said:
These are a really awesome idea !! Does anyone use these ?? If so how are they ??
I about fell outta my chair when I read Rocky's endorsement. Took long enough for me to get it through his head. :danceban: .

Kansas a lil while back I did a detailed response to that question and encluded pictures. Maybe Chris can find it a post the link. Simply put, yes they work. I use one every day for duty carry under either a short sleve or long sleve dress shirt and have yet to be made as packing. By simply sewing the button ontop of the shirt and snaps behind them, your access to the weapon is fast and furious. The only "in" I have with the manufactor is when he added the trama plate pouch on them and he took my snap's idea and made them for folks who dont want to sew. I personally carry two mags, a Surefire, cuffs, knife and weapon easily (as the pics will show).

Ok I'll hush. Take care ya'al.

Hey Steve - good to see ya drop by. I'll see if I can find that link again but not sure. I know I did turn it up once a ways back.


Much digging Steve but here we go - the actual post from the thread where you showed those useful pics - hopefully it'll work-

Link to whole thread is -
I would suggest an IWB that is raked to carry at a 4:30 or so position. I believe that approach will work better for your body type than a 3:00-3:30 carry. Another approach would be as Chris suggested - an OWB, but again, I believe that carrying it a bit further back will help you. Add a "Don Ho" shirt, and you're good to go.
try this....
Home >> Gunny Sacks, Belly Bands, Gun Caddies >> Discreet Hip Pouch

The R72 is a descendant of the Gunny Sack. It provides you with an inconspicuous way to carry a handgun. The R72 is equipped with an ambidextrous elastic band holster inside, small front pocket with Velcro closure for accessories, and dual rip cords as featured on our R71. This holster mounts on the belt by means of a tri-fold, Velcro backed, nylon belt loop. One-handed, vertical draw makes this pouch even more versatile. It can be worn on either side. The Discreet Hip Pouch fits most small to medium frame autos and revolvers. Optional hip paddle (F08) or carry and shoulder strap set (R66) are available separately. Dimensions: 8"x5"x2". Available in black only. Patent #5,265,781
Guess the picture didn't make it. Go to
I have one and it works well.
Thanks Chris. Now that I'm back to work I just dont seem to have much time to get on the computer with the wedding (for my daughter) comming up and stuff. I have to admit though I went stircrazy at home it was nice having some time just just chill.

Gary, one of the guys at work came up with a real KEWL rig that he makes one by one and once mine gets delievered I will take some pics of it and do a report. I have to admit, this thing is fantastic (from the limited time we got to play with it at the range). Short description is that it puts the gun at one o'clock but to the strong side with the mags/cuffs at the 11 position just about the belt line. Only thing I dont like is having to wear untucked but from the seated position (which is almost 90 percent for us) it conceals well and allows physical activity. More posted when mine gets here.

I usually make due with a fanny pack when the temps soar. It's not my favorite carry style but sometimes I compromise. I'd rather have it with me than leave it behind.
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