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Need help with a Mosin-Nagent 91/30 problem w/loading

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I bought a Mosin-Nagent 91/30 a few years ago but never fired it until a few days ago. I was chamber loading one round at a time when I discovered the bolt wouldn't close. At first I thought it was the Russian ammunition I was using, so I switched to the Boxer primed Ammo I purchased and still, the problem persisted. To get a round to fire, I had to jam the bolt closed to get the ejector to latch onto the base of the casing. That quickly indicated that the ejector spring was too stiff to slide over the base of the casing. I took the gun home and put it on my work bench and removed the bolt and disassembled it to examine the ejector spring. It appears that the spring is press fitted into the ejector housing and not removable or adjustable.
Has anyone figured out a way to correct this issue with the Mosin-Nagent 91/30? It is a shame because the gun is very accurate.
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Try setting the rounds in the mag. Also make sure that you are using the 7.62 x 54r cartridges.
Mosin-Nagants do not have controlled-feed like most Mauser (and by extension, US military and hunting bolt-action) designs.

Feed from the mag and you'll be fine.
Ditto all of the above. Mosin/Nagants are made to be man-handled. Don't be afraid to slam that bolt closed and really yank it open. That's what they were designed for. Also, be sure you are loading the rounds far enough back in the magazine. If they are too far forward, that can cause feeding problems.
I load mine using stripper clips and never a problem with any type surplus ammo. Yes, I also use the slam and yank method.
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