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Please post a follow up!

We’re dying to see how it shoots!

Shoots like crap, lol.

This one is shooting left, but it's not off nearly as bad. Some front sight drift gave me an adjustable rear I could go either way with when it came to fine tune it.
And the Skinner front sight that worked well with the other carbine is too short for this one. I needed to put a taller sight on it, which I had from playing around with my Henry 45-70. Not sure why this one shoots so high.

I only had 20 rounds to play with, and that should have been enough to sight it in and pop off the leftovers, but I was adjusting and adjusting until I only had four rounds left. I said I was going to shoot the last four rounds and go for an actual group no matter where I was hitting.

4"@50yds. You've got to be kidding me. No wonder I was chasing bullet holes.
It reminded me of my Mini-14, but slightly worse.

So it obviously does not like something. I'm hoping it's my reloads, even though they shoot great in my two 327 Fed Mag revolvers.
I'm going to try to eliminate the lead bullets first. I've got the same weight in XTP's, so I'll load up some of those using the same powder.

But the action is even smoother than it was before. It feels like a slicked up action. They definitely did some work to it.

So yeah, it looks and feels great. :rolleyes:
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