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need help with under armour undershirt?

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First off thanks to everyone who helped me on my other post, still havent decided on pocket lcp holster yet but now have a starting point. Anyway, I wore my full size kimber in my supertuck and the grip rubbed my side. I hear a lot of talk about under armour but not sure what to get. I see the silky elastic looking stuff or do I get a t-shirt? I guess I need something that alllows your body to breathe but still protects. Thanks again. Oh, got my crossbreed belt it so far.
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Underarmor or similar works well to avoid chafing. Depending on your body /holster combo a cotton t may work just as well. 5.11 makes similar shirts or you can find even less expensive (off brand) shirts at walmart.
Personally I like 5.11 if I use a breathable shirt.
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