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Under Armour is GREAT! I wear nothing else against my skin. Yes thats right! Underwear, shirts, socks, pants (only in the winter). I use a heat gear shirt (the one that fits tight) and a regular t-shirt over top. With my Under Armour tucked in, my IWB sits against it and not my skin. My T-shirt covers both and it works just great.

The Heat gear is designed to keep you cool, so wearing two layers, even in the summer, will work just fine. In the winter, guess what? I wear the Cold Gear just the same.

The reason I love Under Armour is because of my background. I actually helped the company test their products in extream cold and heat when the company was new. They gave us for example: a pair of UA long johns known as Cold Gear to test in the mountains of Bridgeport, CA. (P.S. I was in the Marines) We got to keep the items they gave us in exchange for info on how their products work. I loved them from day one. Probably because it was 200% better than anything the Marine Corps could give us.

If you can afford the Under Armour, get it. It lasts forever, it works better than anything on the market, and its just pure and simple style.
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