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I didn't want to threadjack other scope threads since I'm looking for something more specific. Mods if this is better in the General forum, please move it.

Well, I'm going to do some hunting this year after not going for about 15 years. I have an older Savage 170 30-30 pump that I'm going to use. It's in great shape but I need a new scope for it. I'm eyeballing a Nikon Buckmaster 3x9 because of the great reviews and the fact that I can find some good deals on one. It might be overkill for my ole Savage but if I get the hunting bug and want to upgrade my rifle later (Tikka SS Lite/Marlin 336SS?), the Nikon can go with me.

What's the difference between the Buckmasters with Nikoplex and the ones with BDC? Will the BDC be that beneficial on shots under 200 yards?

What about see through mounts? I'm going to be primarily hunting hog and deer with this rifle (again mostly under 200yds) and want the ability to take quick close shots if needed. I was thinking these Millet mounts:
Millett See Thru Mounts. Millett Riflescope Mounts, Rings & Bases.

I've never used see through mounts before and they were semi popular back in the day. Any other similar options out there?

Also, my iron sights are a bit beat up. Are there any good (fiber optic?) upgrades out there for the 170? I've read that ones made for the Remington 740/7400s will work. Willams FireSights?

Thanks for any input.
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