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Need some gunsmithing help - Who has pulled a barrel on a PTR-91?

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I'm attempting to pull the barrel on my PTR-91 so I can have it threaded. I've got the barrel retaining pin out, and I have the reciever set up in a 12-ton press, supported under the trunnion, and with a stack of pennies on top of the barrel, and an appropriately sized socket and extension on top of that.

So, to anyone who has pulled a barrel off of one of these rifles - Is this all I need to do? I've heard that PTR-91's have their front sights silver soldered on. They don't do anything similar to the barrels, right?

This is the first pressed-in barrel I've attempted to pull from any rifle, and I guess I've got a case of cold feet. How will I know if I'm applying too much pressure? :confused:
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I would recommend asking over at HKPRO.
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