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Need some help please

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I have had trouble responding to private messages ever since i have joined.I don't understand what is wrong and i dont want fellow members to continue to think i am ignoring or snubbing them.I would appreciate some help .

Thank you
William M Leidy
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I'll try...

You have to reply to private messages using the forum website, not by replying to the email notification you may have received.

When you read a private message on the forum, right under the message will be a "Quick Reply" area. Just click in there at the bottom of the quoted text and type your reply, and then click "Submit Message" to send it.

Is that what you are doing?

  • If you haven't done so, already, go into the <Settings> area (upper-right of the forum screens), and then into the <General Settings> area (scroll down, on the left of the list of settings options).

  • Be sure to click the check-box next to each of the PM-related options you want.

  • I'd recommend checking these: (a) Private Messaging on; (b) Receive Private Messaging From all members; (c) Receive Email Notification of new Private Messages; and (d) Show New Private Message Notification Pop-up.

  • Scroll down and click on the <Save Changes> button, to save those changes into your profile. From then on, those are the behaviors of the PM's in the forum for you.

  • If you do get notified of having been sent a PM by someone on the forum, login to DC, and then either click on the notification pop-up window when it shows up or scroll-up to click on the <Notifications> link at the top-right of the page.

I'm going to left-click on your handle (CIBMike) and then send you a PM, right now. Even if you haven't yet set those other settings, you should be able to scroll-up to the <Notifications> area to see the <Inbox> link. Once the page appears, you should see the new PM sitting there, in your PM's inbox. (Don't try replying via your email account.) Just reply to the PM and it'll send a message back to me, notifying me according to how I've set up my own PM-related options.

Let's see how this goes ...
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Well it worked tht time not sure what i did different but i think i have it now .I will try to respond to another pm and see how it goes. thanks for the help everyone.
Once again thanks for all the help with my issue.
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